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Doing chores to earn a dime




I guess everyone has heard by now about my uncle, Charles Noble, passing away. He was my Mom’s sister, Pearl Elizabeth Pennington Noble’s husband. Both Charles and Auntie Pearl were members at The Wellness Center on Railroad Street in Whitesburg before it closed. They then joined the rec center and were there almost every day.

Auntie Pearl started having circulation problems in her legs in late 2015 and early 2016. She passed away in November of 2016. Charles was a completely different person without her, which was to be expected, and all of us, especially Earle Bone, Billy Hatton, Bennett Combs, and Jack Burkich, at the rec center noticed it right away. His heart valve that had been replaced with an artificial one many years ago was needing replaced again as soon as possible. He decided he was not going to go through that at his age. Can you imagine having to make that decision about your own health? So, when he started going downhill, he went really fast. We will all miss him, but to tell you the truth it still hurt me so much to see him without Auntie Pearl there with him.

Coy Morton, Clyde Hatton and Charles Noble stand in front of the Marlowe Coal Camp Store.

Coy Morton, Clyde Hatton and Charles Noble stand in front of the Marlowe Coal Camp Store.

I stayed with Mom Sunday night at home when Charles’s visitation was going on and we started talking about what her life was like when she was a young girl. I wanted her to tell me what she did from the minute she got up until she went to bed at night when she lived at Marlowe Coal Camp.

Well, as always we got sidetracked so many times along the way. But, she did tell me again about begging her younger brother Bobby Perry Pennington to give her a dime. It seems she had seen this advertisement in a magazine for something she wanted that cost a dime. She begged and begged he finally made a deal with her.

She doesn’t remember if it was her idea or his, but she ended up doing his chores and she doesn’t remember for how long. His chores were bringing in coal and wood for the fireplaces and keeping the fires going. The dime was for her boyfriend’s name spelled out with a copper wire (Ralph). I asked her what did he think about it when she gave it to him. She said, “Oh, honey, it wasn’t for him, it was for me! I just wanted to look at it.”

Laney Webb is pictured with her French fries.

Laney Webb is pictured with her French fries.

Speaking of Marlowe Coal Camp, it was so good to hear from Bertha Page Dye. She called Mommy Monday to find out how she was doing. I think they were actually able to hear each other on the phone this time.

One of our No Limits Fitness members had her baby this past week on the 24th. He is so gorgeous. Congratulations, Eddy and Elizabeth Trotter Cooper. Gunner is perfect and we can’t wait to see him at the rec center.

There was a really happy post on Facebook about our little leukemia warrior, Laney Webb. She asked for and ate French fries. But, along with that good news Laney’s mom, Michelle Webb, also asked for prayers because of some of the results that came back. I’ll just repost here what she posted:

“Day: 147 since bone marrow transplant

“Day: 247 since diagnosed with AML Leukemia

“Laney is eating French fries

“Yes! You read that right. All I can say is, Praise the Lord! It’s been a long time since my girl said my French fries!!! Today Dad and I went through the drive-thru and her fries were a little bit hot for her so I was holding them up in front with me and she said, “Mom give me.” She has been eating them for 3 days but I didn’t say anything because as soon as I posted about the graham crackers she quit eating them, sorry but I think she is back to loving her fries. Today Laney had an EKG and an Echo done of her heart. Because, since we have been here she has had 2 drains placed because she keeps holding fluid around her heart, but today they called with the result that all the fluid is gone. Now the news that’s has had me worried. Laney’s bone marrow % (is how much the donor is in her body) has been dropping the last time I posted a percentage on here it was 99.8 that was the last number I had since she was admitted in the hospital. That number has been trending down. Today they called me and said that it is now 93.2%. There can be several reasons hers is going down. These are the reasons for Laney.

“1. Adenovirus, (that she has had most of the time she has been here)

“ 2. GVHD ( Graft vs. Host Disease) GVHD has all kinds of different types. The type Laney has is skin and there is 4 stages 4 being the worst Laney’s is a one.

“3. Steroids, she has IV steroids to help with GVHD a little over a week ago.

“And the last one that I don’t even want to think about nor do I even want to type in here but here it goes . . . “4. Leukemia . . . that’s all there is to say about this one. So my family and I ask you to please remember Laney in your prayers. Monday a week from today, they will be doing a bone marrow biopsy to rule out Leukemia so, please, please pray. We all know prayer is what has brought her this far. “

Some other prayer requests to keep in mind are Preacher Bill Craft and his wife June, Imogene Sexton and all her kids and their families, Doug and Pat Wright, William and Kathy Runyon and their family, my aunt Linda Hall and all our loved ones in the nursing homes and hospitals. Also, remember all those that have lost loved ones, especially my pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy.

Our church is having a Bible Conference this coming Sunday morning at 11 and evening at 6 p.m. Then Monday and Tuesday nights the service will start at 7. Dave Harney will be preaching both messages on Sunday and will do special music each night. Dwight Coffman will be preaching on Monday and Tuesday nights. Everyone is welcome and I’m sure you will hear messages that will feed, uplift, and convict you.

Speaking of church, never forget Oma’s ending, be in church Sunday morning, Sunday night and throughout the week.

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