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Dollar only worth 27 cents

Well, here I go again writing about the good old days, things and times which were but can never be again. Back when a soda was only a nickel and a dollar was worth a dollar.

Today a dollar is only worth about 27 cents. If you tally up what a dollar will buy, it is worth even less.

Gasoline is pretty high now, although it has dropped just a smidgen. But you don’t get any more mileage than when it was 60 cents a gallon.

That loaf of bread you give over $2 for doesn’t have any more contents than when it cost 59 cents. The same goes for education.

Our million dollar schools don’t produce any better students than our one- room schools did. More subjects are taught along with all sorts of sports, but if students get all the book learning available and don’t acquire a little common horse sense somewhere along the way, they are still as dumb as a coal bucket, and an empty bucket at that, because if they can’t interact with society all their book knowledge is for nothing.

They may feel like they are superior to other students, but they really aren’t. The student who wears hand-me-downs to school is just as important as the one who wears $100 designer jeans to school.

A children should be taught from an early age that they are as good as but no better than any other child.

Charity begins at home and too many times a child who is taught by the parents that it is superior to other kids often turn out to be a bully, and there is no room for a bully in our schools or anywhere else in society.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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