Whitesburg KY

Don Pridemore celebrates birthday with his family


They say the groundhog saw his shadow on Feb. 2, and that means six more weeks of winter weather. I hope that old saying isn’t going to come true because most of us have had enough cold, snowy weather.

Don Pridemore celebrated his birthday on Feb. 2 with pizza, cake and ice cream at his granddaughter Liberty Adams’s home with a lot of the family there, too.

It’s good to hear that Travis Morton is doing much better. Ellis and Ila Adams have been to visit him recently.

Paris Dixon of Crases Branch died recently, and his funeral was held during the snowy weather on Jan. 30. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Laura and their daughter and the rest of his family. Paris was a World War II veteran, and he and Laura lived across from the Little Ruby Church.

Sunday, Jan. 31, there were about 30 or so people attending services at the Indian Bottom Association building in Knott County. We had a good service and everyone was glad they braved the snowy weather to attend.

Saturday, Bob and I took Danola Adams Bell to Morehead to stay with her brother Luther and his family. She will stay with them a couple of days before heading home to Ohio. She had been here for a month.

It was Luther’s birthday so we took dinner with us and Betty Jo had fixed him a cake. We all had a good visit together and later Johnny Combs of Isom, and his grandson Ethan came there to wish Luther a happy birthday.

We have really enjoyed having ‘Nolie’ here and listening to her and Opal Banks talk about old times on Carbon Glow. There were so many names mentioned that we’d never heard of, but they could recall names and stories to go along with them.

Susie Raglin and Bill Adams also visited with Nolie, and Joyce came down one evening with Bill.

I was sorry to hear that Lucy Blair of Blair Branch was really sick. I know her family is concerned about her.Th

elma Seals’s husband is back home from Pikeville Hospital, and we hope that he is improving.

I just learned that June Adams Whitaker of Indiana has died. I may have more information about this for next week.

Rodney Ison has been to the Markey Cancer Center at U.K. Hospital for a second opinion on his recent tests, and he seemed pleased with the doctor’s report there. He doesn’t go back for three months.

This past Sunday was church time at Blackey’s Mt. Olivet Church, and they had a large crowd and a host of visiting preachers. We had a wonderful service.

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