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Don Pridemore celebrates birthday


Hope everyone is making it alright in this blast of winter weather we have been having. It makes me want to “hole up” like an old groundhog, just venturing out when the sun shines.

But I do seem to get things accomplished when I have to stay in. I have taken time to piece a queen size quilt top from Bob’s late aunt, Susie Raglin’s, quilting material that I bought after she passed away. She had the squares cut and some already sewn together before she passed away and I have finished the top and am going to tack it. I plan on donating it for the auction that Libby Smith and others are having to benefit Beverly Barton Adams, who is having health problems and this will help with the doctor bills.

The benefit will be held Feb. 9 at the Campbell’s Branch Community Center from 12 to 6 p.m. There will be soup bean dinners for sale, an auction, cakewalks and local bands playing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We had a birthday dinner on Saturday for Dad (Don Pridemore) at his and Mom’s home. Jerry and Bonita Adams, Liberty and Noah Campbell, Bob and myself, K.P., Lana, Amber, Shane, Luke and Derrick, April and Isaiah were all there to wish him happy birthday and enjoy the din- ner Mom had fixed.

Ila Adams’s shoulder is getting some better after her recent fall. She has a birthday coming up this weekend and we wish her a happy birthday.

Also, Opal Duke, Virginia Dare Back, K.P. Pridemore and his girls Amber and April also have February birthdays and Amber’s son Derrick also.

We attended Mount Olivet Church at Blackey on Sunday. Despite the snow, there was a fairly large crowd and it was a good service.

We learned later that one of their members had died. Charles Barton, who had been a patient at Letcher Manor for awhile, had gotten worse and died at the hospital. He was always a friendly fellow and when I opened my Little Shoppe in 2002 he was one of my first customers, looking for an old chenille bedspread.

He seemed fine when we visited at the nursing home Sunday before last. It seemed a shock when we visited this past Sunday and they told us of his death. Our sympathy to his family.

Charles always took care of the late Ray and Beulah Back and after Ray’s death he continued to help Beulah, bringing her to church when she was able.

Glad to hear Bennett Combs is doing really well after his hip replacement surgery last month. He is able to just use a cane now for assistance.

I called Mom’s sister Juanita McCrarey on the 31st of January. It was her and her son Freddy’s birthday. Her husband Vince hasn’t been doing well so they haven’t been here for awhile.

Some of the children of the late Gernie and Callie Croucher got together for a visit in Florida. Jim and Gwen went from here and enjoyed their time together with family and the nice beach trip.

Sorry that I’ve written mostly about my family. I didn’t hear much from anyone this week since I stayed home due to the weather most of last week.

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