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Donald Ingram had bad week


I’m sitting here watching TV and felt like I needed to write a few words to tell all my readers of The Mountain Eagle that I’m still around, and hello to all and hope everything is good for you.

I’ve been watching ‘Molly B’s Polka Party.’ They were having a good time. Then I watched ‘The Virginian’ and some of the other old-time Westerns. Those were the good old days.

Then ‘Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown.’ I would love to go to all those places with him. He seems to be enjoying all the food and the people he meets.

I wonder if he gets paid to do all that? They sure cook some strange stuff. I don’t think I’d like that.

My son Donald had a bad week. He fell and broke three of his toes and they sure hurt him so bad. His foot already has an awful ulcer on the bottom of it from being a 48-year-old diabetic. He really had a rough way to go.

Kidney stones, gallstones, broken arm, fractured neck, and he had to have surgery on that, and surgery on his liver. He is 50 now, and most of that has been nothing but pain and misery and insulin three or four times a day. He still keeps trying to make it, but I grieve for him and pray for him to be better all the time.

God has been with me through so much and He is my only source. He answers so many of my prayers in Jesus’s name.

My dear friend Mavis June Mineard has been awfully sick in the last month. Had to have heart surgery in a Lexington hospital. I pray that she will be well again soon. We’ve been friends since the 1940’s when we went to school at Kingdom Come High School.

We used to go to all the festivals, Black Gold, Ginger Bread, Mountain Heritage, The Swappin’ Meetin’ and Poke Sallet Festival every time we could. I won blue ribbons for my chow-chow and pickles and beets, etc.

Now we have to slow down because old age has got us out of a lot of things. We really had some good times when I drove a lot.

We went to see Jenny Wiley play once and the Trail of the Lonesome Pine. The Gingerbread Man was 12 foot and a few inches the last time we went. That’s been a long time ago.

So many memories to hang on to.

I sure do miss my sweet husband so much. I get so lonely, wanting to see him come home, especially since the war with ISIS. Those are some ‘evil’ people. Beheading people is so awful.

It’s like they’re living in pre-historic times, when people didn’t know what ‘love’ meant. Just surviving and lusting.

My son and wife have moved back to Kentucky after being gone for so many years. They came back to help take care of her 89-year-old dad, Clyde Disney.

He was having so many health problems and not remembering like he should. They had only been back about three weeks and he died. It was and is still so hard on Denise. I love her so much and it hurts to see her grieve over her loss. David does as much as he can to comfort her, but it’s just going to take some time.

She is working at Harlan ARH. She has been a nurse for 30-some years. She is good at her job.

David worked all these years at Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and in South Carolina for another beverage company. He was over all the maintenance crew, and kept the plants running.

She followed him to Jefferson City, Tenn., where he worked at Pepsi; then moved onto Nashville to Coke; then to Atlanta at Coke; then to South Carolina to work for another beverage plant. She worked at hospitals in all those places, and now is back to Harlan.

Their two daughters went to school in all those places, Lauren and Rachel. Lauren has been here taking care of her Papaw Clyde for the last two years, and loved to be with him.

Rachel is still in college in Atlanta. She will be getting through in this year and will be a teacher. She does well in her classes.

Marlene Cornett surprised her daughter last Monday evening at the Sugar Grove Opry at Kingdom Come Community Center. She really had a good evening with cousins, friends and family.

The music was very good with Larry Roark, Garry Joseph, Sharon Stamper and friend, a girl who sings with him a lot, and also, Tex Lewis, who plays guitar.

My sister-in-law Lonnie Mae Combs was there for the first time in a long while. Larry Roark is her son-inlaw. He sings so beautifully.

Gary Joseph sang one for me. The old one of long ago, “I Overlooked an Orchid While Searching for a Rose.” I think it is a beautiful song. So many people do that anymore.

Gary and his family sure are great. They have come to the center ever since it opened, and they help so much with every project we have. We sure do appreciate them.

I sure do miss Willy Perry. He was so special to all of us. His lovely songs and music are missed so much. He used to sing “I Traded Old Jack Daniels for John 3:16” and another one, “I’d Like to Go Back.”

We miss Roger Noble and his wife. I hope he is doing okay now. He was in great discomfort with cancer. I pray he is doing well and will come back to visit. He plays a good guitar and sings beautifully. His wife is so attentive toward him and a beautiful person to know. I love you both.

Remember to pray for our soldiers over in that awful conflict, and all the killings and abductions of young teenage girls.

I love all!

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