Whitesburg KY

Donate eyes, clerk urges

Letcher Circuit Clerk Larry Adams is drawing attention to cornea donation as part of National Eye Donor Month.

March is set aside to honor those who donate their corneas after death to give others sight. More than 48,000 Americans have their sight restored each year as a result of corneal transplants, according to a statement from Adams’s office.

First proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, National Eye Donor Month promotes eye donation awareness and celebrates the lives of eye donors and corneal recipients.

Two Kentucky nonprofits that handle cornea donation have merged and are now known as the Kentucky Lions Eye Bank.

In the U.S. about 70,000 people are eye donors each year.

Joining the Kentucky Donor Registry at a Circuit Clerk’s office or at www.donatelifeky.org registers one as a potential organ, tissue and cornea donor. Anyone can join the Kentucky Donor Registry.

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