Whitesburg KY

Don’t fall for scam about sweepstakes

Police are warning residents to beware of a scam being perpetuated by two men who are visiting homes in eastern Kentucky and claiming people have won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Gayheart said at least two people in Knott County have been taken in by the scam, which extracts money from people in order to receive their “prize.”

“There were some people going around posing as Publisher’s Clearing House and telling people they’ve won and they have to give them some money to secure their prize, and that Steve Harvey will come to their house with a film crew to give them their check,” Gayheart said.

The Hazard Police Department posted a warning of the scam on its Facebook page last week, saying the two men identified themselves as Dave Slayer and David Fisher and are driving a vehicle described only as a “PCH van.” According to the Knott County Sheriff ’s Department, the men ask for the “winner” to get a money order and send it to them to pay the taxes on the prize.

According to Hazard Police, the money is going to Michigan.

Gayheart said the men even say that Harvey, the host of TV’s long running game show Family Feud, is in the van with them, and will come back to give them their check.

Persons should be watchful for scams throughout the year, but especially this time of year when people are receiving tax refunds and now federal economic stimulus payments.

No one who is going to give you money will require you to pay in order to receive that money. Money orders and “Green Dot” cards are also commonly asked for by scammers because they are easily cashed and are virtually untraceable.

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