Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Don’t forget to set your clocks back

Bach Court

Friday evening, rain or shine or snow, in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church, people will decorate the trunks of their cars and will hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I think this is really great.

Hope to see everyone there. You never know whose picture might pop up in The Eagle. Hope to see all the little spooks there.

Halloween’s here, and in about 3 ½ weeks we’ll be eating turkey. Time flies when you’re having fun

I’d like to invite everyone to come to church with me at First Baptist in Whitesburg. Sunday School is at 10 a.m., church is at 11 a.m. If nothing else, come hear the choir sing. I’m in it. There’s you an excuse.

Doris Dobbie Banks’s birthday was Oct. 25. Happy birthday, I hope you had a great one.

Wow, what crazy weather. We go straight from summer to winter. Wonder what happened to spring and fall?

Make sure you don’t forget to set your clocks back. Why they don’t leave it like it is, I don’t know. It stays forward a lot longer than falling backward.

We had Pastor Appreciation this past Sunday for Bro. Tony Brown and Asst. Pastor Barry Jonathon.

I’m going to challenge all the people in Bach Court to see who can decorate the best for Christmas, and let’s not wait until December to do it. I plan on lighting the place up.

I’m going to make sure Torrence Holbrook lights his up, too, since we call him Mayor of Bach Court. Maybe then Santa will bring us all some presents.

Betty Jo Taylor has been ill. I hope you’re better. Also, Ann Adams is still under the weather, and so is Melanie Blair of Kings Creek.

Susie Banks of Premium had a birthday party this weekend. Happy birthday, Susie. Hope you’re doing well.

Until next week, God bless.

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