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Don’t judge if you don’t know

To the Editor:

After reading the article “Fox News commentator says Appalachia is ‘hopeless'”

in The Mountain Eagle

dated Feb. 18, 2009, the quote, “If you grow up and you see this you get the heck out of there,” O’Reilly told Sawyer, who is a native of Kentucky. “You don’t stay there.”

Sawyer only reported about a few people, but she failed to say where the people of poverty got the money to pay for their tattoos.

Where did the people who had rotten teeth due to drinking Mountain Dew get the money to buy the drinks? (My 21-year-old grandson has been drinking Mountain Dew for years, and he has a mouth full of perfect teeth.)

Why not use the money that buys a carton of Mountain Dew and buy a toothbrush and toothpaste?

Where did the poverty people get the money to buy the drugs and liquor they’re using?

Where is social welfare that they’re not placing the girl with the drug-addicted mother in a foster home?

Quoting O’Reilly, “Appalachia is just a little part of Kentucky. The rest of Kentucky is very prosperous these days. I don’t want to sound hopeless, but I think it is hopeless. I don’t think government can do anything about it. Their parents are screwed up.”

Where is the mention of all of the parents who are not screwed up, who love their children, give them the best education and a good Christian life?

Where is it mentioned that the government is providing many families with S.S.I. and A.D.C. and wonderful schools? It did mention some poverty families were receiving food stamps.

I, Della Bates Marcum, was born and raised in Kentucky. I was given a wonderful education by numerous caring and giving teachers while attending various schools and colleges. I have taught school for 61 years.

Kentucky is one of the most beautiful and prosperous states in the Union, with many of its citizens living to be in their 90s, and to 100 years old. (Reference check

The Mountain Eagle.)

There are many beautiful homes with picturesque landscapes.

It is sad when people who do not know Kentucky may think the documentary is the true of all Appalachian citizens.
Littleton, Colo.

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