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Don’t park your car in Blackey on Halloween

Halloween was a lot of fun when I was a young boy. When I was the age of about 13, we lived in Blackey. No one had any money to buy candy back then, so we didn’t go house to house.

We took a cake of soap, dressed up in a scary mask or with face paint and old clothes, and went to downtown Blackey. We soaped up some store and car windows, and some home windows we could reach.

We tried to scare everyone crossing the bridge. They’d slow down and laugh with us, then go on.

Sometime during the night someone would bring a log and lay it crosswise, right in the middle of the bridge. The cars would have to stop and move it. One strong coal miner threw our log in the river and ended that trick.

It was also fun to string some toilet paper across the bridge, about windshield high. Some would stop; some would go right through it. Lots of fun.

But our greatest achievement on Halloween night happened about 1951. A man drove his older car into Blackey in July and parked it on the street, right in front of where the Senior Center is now. He took the license plate off, and it had been sitting there for three months. No one knew who owned it.

Then Halloween night came around. Someone with a pickup truck had a toolbox, and he decided he could use the tires if we took them off that car. It snowballed from there. The doors came off, and the windshield was pushed out. The seats were disconnected and pulled out.

As soon as a part was removed from the car, if nobody wanted it, a boy or a group of boys would pick it up, carry it to the middle of the bridge, and throw it in the river, laughing all the way.

A man said he wanted the engine, so we removed it and loaded it onto his truck. It took us about four hours to strip that car down to the frame, which was also carried to the bridge and thrown over.

All that was left of that old car was a puddle of oil, so we sat it on fire and sat around it, laughing about what we had done.

About a month later, a man came to Blackey and he was asking if anyone knew where his car was. Of course, none of us knew anything about it.

That man had gone on a trip. His girlfriend had picked him up in Blackey and he had left his car there so his wife wouldn’t know he had gone on the trip with his girlfriend.

If he’s still alive, now he knows what happened to his car, and if his wife is alive, he’s surely in trouble with her now.

So take heed, fellows. Stay away from the streets of Blackey on Halloween night.

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