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Doors weren’t locked

Here I go again, thinking of the way things used to be, but probably will never be again, or at least not simple and trusting as they used to be.

There was once a time when a body didn’t even have to lock their doors at night or when they were going to be gone for awhile, or even for an extended period of time. They didn’t have to worry about someone stealing what they had even if they didn’t have very much.

If they had critters to feed, their neighbors would always pitch in and take care of that chore for them while they were gone.

Nowadays, one has to make sure their doors and windows are secured both day and night. It used to be that when a fellow was plowing in the field and the dinner bell rang, he would water his beast of burden and then tie it up in the end of the field long enough to go eat a bite, or ‘put on the feed bag’ as some used to say.

In these days and times if they did that the plow would be gone, along with the animal, if they were gone for just a few minutes.

The animals were usually only fed in the morning and evening, and the old cow was milked in the morning and evening also, and had to be done on schedule.

Used to be that when a tool was being used and the chore wasn’t finished when darkness came, they simply left the tool where they had gotten to when darkness or the weather stopped them until they could resume the task. If they did that today the tool or tools would vanish very quickly. Not that the thief would use them either. They would sell them to buy drugs and/or alcohol.

A vast majority of thieves wouldn’t even know what to do with tools if they had some, because they have never been introduced to a thing as honest as work. A thief will work his behind off just to steal something, but ask a thief to do some honest labor, and they will become disabled mighty fast.Th

at’s all from the funny farm for now.

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