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Dorothy and Glen Miles mark 59th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn’t write anything last week. I have been busy running back and forth to Pikeville.

My husband James has been having a rough time. He was on kidney dialysis four days and they took about 11 liters of fluid off of him. He is home now.

He went to see a heart doctor on Monday and to see a kidney doctor on Tuesday. Hopefully dialysis was a temporary thing. I will know more later.

Our grandchildren, Ashley, Becca and Kayla Fields, Kota Jay Ballard, and their other grandparents, Jim and Donna Cafee, all from Greensburg, Ind., surprised James on Saturday. It was a nice surprise and a nice visit. Jim Cafee served at Ft. Knox with James, and he wanted to see him also.

Mike has kept busy helping me while his dad was in the hospital. Chad was unable to come in at this time. He was here in March.

Glad to see everyone and miss them when they leave.

I saw Nick Trent the other day. He said he was just checking in and then going back to Alabama. He looked good. Alabama must be agreeing with him.

Tommy Fields and his daughter, Mona Fields Boggs, are back home from a week’s visit at Greenfield, Ind.

James and I went to visit my brother and sister-inlaw, Archie and Margaret Fields, on Sunday afternoon. They seem to be getting along okay. I know Archie is glad to be home.

My brother-in-law, Eddie Wolfe, went to Pikeville on Monday for a follow-up after surgery. Everything looks good.

Thomas Wolfe was home for an overnight visit. He is doing well, and Kathy is doing lost better.

Loreva Fields is supposed to come home soon. She is doing well.

Eugene Day had stitches put in his hand after a horse shoved him against the fence. He and Irene both are doing fair, but are still in need of prayer.

My nephew, Wayne Fields, turned 48 years old on April 17. Happy birthday, and many more.

Charles and Shirley Day had a wedding anniversary on April 19. Happy anniversary.

Also having birthdays this past week are: Tammy Trent on April 20; Courtland Gales on April 21. He was 7 years old.

Dorothy and Glen Miles had a wedding anniversary on April 22, the Wolfes celebrated 35 years of marriage, and the Mileses 59 years.

Not too many people stay married that long. Congratulations to them all.

Sorry to hear about Avis Boggs Fields dying. She was a daughter of the late Fritz and Clara Maggard. She will be missed by all who knew her.

Eugene Day will be 87 years young on April 29. We wish him well and that he has a great birthday.

Keep Rick Polly in your prayers. He is having some serious lung problems.

Delilah Breeding turned 5 years old on April 10. Late happy birthday. She is a granddaughter of Brack and Linda Sexton. Hope she had a good day.

Well folks, I’ve got to go. Until next time, keep everyone in prayer, attend the church of your choice.

Keep Tony Maggard in prayer. He just had back surgery and is still a little sore.

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