Whitesburg KY

Dorse and Gwen Fields enjoy car show in TN.


Just a short little column this week since it seems like only yesterday I wrote last week’s news.

Recently Dorse and Gwen Fields went to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and while there enjoyed the car show. They left Pigeon Forge and drove to Gatlinburg and came through Cherokee, N.C. They stopped by Dorse’s sister, Iantha’s, home at Norris Lake and spent the night with her. They enjoyed talking about old times and visiting with Iantha’s son, Danny, who lives in Dorse and Iantha’s late brother, Arnold Fields’s, home on the lake. Dorse and Gwen’s son, Todd, came in for a couple of days and stayed with them. He came in to turkey hunt, but he didn’t get one.

Claude Caudill and his daughter, Dianna, of Ohio, were in over the weekend to attend the memorial meeting at Doty Creek and to visit kinfolk in the area. They, along with Alene Blair, stopped by Stella Elam’s and visited with her and Richard Smith. Bob and I stopped by to tell them hello while they were there.

Ellis and Ila Adams had a visit from Arnold Whitaker and his wife and from Merle and Eoila Caudill. They were in also to attend Doty Creek’s memorial service.

We were sorry to learn that Otis Adams died last week. His funeral was held Sunday and he was laid to rest in the Adams Cemetery near his home. His wife, Iona, was able to attend the funeral.

Bill Adams had to spend a few days in the hospital this past week. While in the hospital, Bill was able enough to visit Lance Breeding, who had to spend a night in the hospital.

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