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Dorthy Tacket vacations at beach


Hello everyone, hope things are going well for all of you.

What in the world am I going to write about this week? I haven’t been out this week, didn’t even need to go buy groceries. That’s where I go to see everyone.

So I just stayed home and worked outside some and just tried to keep cool and out of the rain. It has rained almost every day.

My pastor, Bro. John Conn, and my nephew, Bro. Caleb Howard, went to Letcher Manor on Friday and visited Aggie Hatton, Lucinda Roberts and others there. Lucinda is always so glad to have visitors. Aggie is about the same.

I need to get back up there and see all my friends. I didn’t feel well last week, but feel much better now so I will try to go this week. I have kept busy though.

I’m glad my nephew, Caleb Howard, and his family found a house in the Upper Bottom. They moved in and seem to like it real well.

I called my friend Dorthy Tacket today. I hadn’t heard from her in a while and guess what — she had been on a vacation at Edisto Beach, S.C., with her daughter Jeanette and her husband Jimmy Yonts and their daughter and three grandchildren for a week and didn’t tell me. She said they saw some of the prettiest scenery.

She said they had such a good time so I guess I will forgive her for not telling me. But I’m glad she enjoyed herself. She has had some health problems. I think she will be having another vacation soon with her daughter Charlene Mason and her family. I hope they enjoy it. Her children are so good to her.

She wanted to say hello to her niece Linda Joe Pennington. I think she lives in Ohio.

Dorthy was so pleased to run into my brother Hubert Howard in Walmart. You meet about everyone there.

My son Larry Hatton and wife Linda spent two days at their place at the lake and enjoyed it, but I think they worked all while they were there. They enjoyed it and were proud of how pretty it looked.

Their garden here has really done well and they wanted to get back to it and work on it. The rain got them behind on it.

I enjoyed having my sister Betty Tyree out for a visit on Saturday. We do very exciting things like sitting on my deck and drinking tea or coffee and talking and just kick back and enjoy. That’s what we like to do. It probably would be boring to some people, but not us.

I spend a lot of time fussing at my son Larry for working so hard. If he’s not mowing, it’s Weed Eating. I told him it makes me tired just watching him. He ignores me.

Joyce Morris is in Pikeville Hospital. She is real sick. Please remember her in prayer. She is a sister of Elzie Ray Hatton.

My sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones. There have been so many. Life is uncertain, but death is sure.

My sister Kathleen Brock is still in need of prayer.

Our church had a youth service on Saturday night. I didn’t get to go. I heard it was great! Bro. John Conn said Bro. Bill Adkins preached outstanding. He usually does. I’m sorry I didn’t get to go and hear him.

I just heard another one of our Marlowe people died, Troy ‘Scrub’ Holland. He lived nearby and I didn’t know he was still around. The last of knew of him, he lived in Sergent. Anna Watkins, you will remember him. He was a brother of Thelma Caudill, Verna Yonts and Tessie Mae Cole. I will try to go to the funeral and find out about all the family.

Am I nosy? No, just interested in keeping up with old friends.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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