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Downtown Whitesburg looking pretty


NEWLYWEDS — Ruby Combs and Hiram Collins were married January 19. A reception was held at Hemphill Community Center on January 22.

NEWLYWEDS — Ruby Combs and Hiram Collins were married January 19. A reception was held at Hemphill Community Center on January 22.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Are all of you as ready as I am for the snow to go away? On Friday it was melting, but according to the weatherman it was coming back over the weekend. I thought I would try and get my news in early and beat the snow.

Have all you hometown people noticed how pretty the Whitesburg street is where the old Holstein Hardware store was and where the old A&P building used to be a long time ago? It is so pretty. I don’t even know what’s there, but I will find out.

We have the beautiful new Letcher County Health Department and so many pretty buildings that have gone up through the years. I love it when our empty buildings are filled up. Sometimes I see some activity in the Craft’s Department Store building. I’d love to see it and the Dawahare’s stores getting filled up. I love this place. I never wanted to leave.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Donald Bates. I would have been at his funeral if the weather had permitted. I knew all his family when I was a little girl at Blackey. We rented from his parents, the late W.R. “Wash” Bates and wife Annie, at Elk Creek.

RECOVERING — Robbie Conn, son of Billy and Belinda Conn, recently underwent

RECOVERING — Robbie Conn, son of Billy and Belinda Conn, recently underwent

When I heard it on the radio I wasn’t sure who he was till I heard his sisters’ names, Draxie Banks, who was married to Coy Banks, and Helen Bentley, who was married to the late Zennith Bentley. I also knew their sister Mary Jane Arnold and I knew the brothers, the late Bill Bates, and Tom and Bob. I can’t remember the others’ names.

My cousin and I played checkers with Don when I was very young. We moved from Blackey when I was 11 years old. I still love the Blackey people.

I talked with my friend Roberta in Roanoke, Va. They got more snow than us, but I’m not jealous. We had plenty.

My sisters Louise Shepherd, Kathleen Brock and Betty Tyree and I, along with our sisters-in-law Jenetta Howard and Joyce Howard, celebrated the birthdays of Betty, Kathleen and Jenetta with lunch at Pine Mountain Grill and really enjoyed being together.

I was so glad to get a call from my friend Eva Sergent in Lexington. She was doing well and wants to come visit. I hope she can make it.

There are sure a lot of people here happy and relieved that Robbie Conn got a new heart after spending about 75 days in all in intensive care. We all call it a miracle.

He got it just in time and he had a great doctor, Dr. Bonner, who did the surgery and did such a good job. The surgery went well and he is doing well. The family are sure bragging on Dr. Bonner and I was overjoyed that my grandson Dr. Kevin Hatton is his doctor so I know he will be getting the very best care at UK Hospital in Lexington.

Robbie’s family have been so good to stay with him, his parents Bro. Billy Conn and wife Belinda and his uncles Bro. John Conn and Bro. Arnold Ray Conn, who lives in Georgetown and invites the family to stay with him. Arnold Ray had a heart transplant himself some time ago and is doing OK. Hello Arnold Ray.

Brenda and Bennett Adams have kept me informed about Robbie. I have known Robbie and his family all their lives. We are all real close friends. I hope he will be going home soon.

It was good talking to Linda Hall. She sent me a picture of Ruby (Combs) Collins and husband Hiram Collins at their reception.

My sister Louise Shepherd has been under the weather for a few days. I hope she gets better soon.

Stanley Pack, I admire you for being brave enough to sign your name in Speak Your Piece.

I sure didn’t like one I read this past week. I know he was trying to help the candidate he wanted. I don’t think it will work to try to down his opponent. a heart transplant at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. He is doing well and is under the care of Dr. Kevin Hatton, grandson of Oma Hatton of Whitesburg and the late Clyde Hatton.

That always turned me off . We told our grandson Jamie Hatton, “Don’t ever sling mud.” I think Jamie is too smart for that. He doesn’t need to. He’s one of the sweetest fellows I know. People will look at the fine man and father and husband he is and the way he treats people.

My sister Kathleen Brock had eye surgery. Everything went alright.

Hello Emma Lou Engle, hope you are still improving. I saw your sister Anna Lea at Pine Mountain Grill. She looked good as usual.

She had a young girl with her. I forgot to ask who she was. She said tell you she was being real good.

I had a feeling with this snow coming Saturday, we probably wouldn’t get to have Sunday School and church on Sunday.

May God bless all of you and hope we can all be in church somewhere this weekend.

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