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Dr. ‘Jump’ Hatton is graduated

Hello again, everyone. This week has gone by so fast it seems like it has been such a short time since I wrote my news.

My son Rob has been in and we attended the graduation of Dr. ‘Jump’ Hatton. It was at Pikeville Expo Center and was really great. Sixty-six people were graduated from all over the U.S. A lot of people were there, lots of Hattons and Cooks.

Billy Hatton and all their family left as soon as the graduation ended for a vacation in South Carolina to celebrate. We were all so proud.

I didn’t get to go to my nephew, Brandon Pennington’s, wedding. It was on the same day as the graduation. I heard it was out of this world beautiful. I would have loved to have been there and have seen everyone. It was a beautiful day for it. It was outside on Pine Mountain. I hope someone will give me a picture.

I’m glad that Charlie Hatton is home and doing so well. He’s tough! We were worried about him. Whitesburg

I did go to the funeral of Joe Pack Jr. There was a big crowd there and the preachers and singers did really good. Bro. Frank Adams and Glen Gross and Cecil Howard preached, and Willie Perry and Jenny Adams sang. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

Emma Lou Engle, I appreciated what you wrote in your column, and I’m sure Rose Ballard, Creda Isaacs and Christine Fields did also. I think that when people tell us it’s their lifeline to back home it makes us keep on, even if we think we’re not doing good. I read about a lot of people you write about that I know who are still here in your family.

I knew Goldie and Chalmer Engle, and your sister, Anna Goins, and I’m glad I got to meet you a few years back at Pine Mountain Grill. This also lets you know I read yours, as well as all the rest.

My son, Larry Hatton, and his wife, Linda, are having a peaceful vacation at their camper. They both work hard and they needed that. I’m sure they are enjoying it.

Our church, the Whitco Pentecostal Church, had a very big picnic at Carr Creek Lake last Sunday, and a baptism afterward. There was a very big crowd there, and so much good food! I think that was about the biggest crowd I had ever seen at a picnic, even bigger than our Howard reunions.

It was good seeing Bro. Caleb Howard and his family there. We’ve sure missed him since he moved away. We like keeping our people around, but it’s not always possible.

I’m expecting a lot of my family in for Memorial Day next week. I’m always glad to see them.

I hope all of you have a good week. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week. I hope to see you there.

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