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Mostly sunny

Dry Fork Market has new owner

Little Dry Fork

Hello, world, I’m back.

Flu season in the mountains has closed schools, businesses and a little of everything coming and going. Hopefully all will get back to normal this week.

Fred Ison of Kingscreek, has been sick for the past month. He was flown in a helicopter from Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital to Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. He is home now and is doing better. Wendy and myself went and visited him Saturday. Keep him in your prayers.

Danny F. Ison is in Greenville this month. Remember all of our soldiers in your prayers. Jeff Stidham is leaving soon from what I understand. He is going to Afghanistan or somewhere along with more from the Army National Guard. May God be with you all.

Danny Boggs, owner of Builders Supply, is the new owner of Dry Fork Market. The new store hours are 6 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., closed on Sunday. All of the Brown family will be missed, but I’m sure Don Brown will keep check on things. Remember Don Brown in all your prayers. He’s been very ill lately.

My daughter, Wendy Ison, and myself have been attending the Whitesburg Freewill Baptist Church. I call it the little white church on the side of the road. It’s before you get to the Riverside Trailer Park. It’s easy to find just in case you’d like to stop in. Johnny Collier is the pastor. It’s a Godly little church. We also go to Kingscreek Community Church. Jimmy Dotson is the pastor there. Brother Leroy Fields also helps preach. My son, Danny Fred Ison, also helps Brother Jimmy preach the word of God. These are the two churches we attend. If you’re not busy and don’t have a church of your own, stop in. Make one or both your churches. You never get bored with going to church. This way you have a choice. Praise the Lord.

Frona Stidham Cook of Sandlick, died last week. I attended the visitation and ran into people I hadn’t seen in years. I felt like I still ain’t getting old!

This was the mother of Susan Williams of Kingscreek. I also saw little Charlie Campbell who preaches some at King’s Chapel. It really amazes me seeing all the young people who attend church who are working preaching or doing some kind of job in God’s house.

Prayers go out to the whole family. Charlie is the son of Herman and Helen Campbell.

B.F. Caudill of Kingscreek died a few weeks ago. I would just like to say to Phyllis and family, you’re in our prayers.

I would like to send some big hellos to Noble and Gaynell Dixon of Turkey Creek and Jennell and Ken Collier of Campbell’s Town Road. Hello, ya’all.

I saw Jessica Frazier in Deanna’s Designs getting Valentine’s. Hello, Jess.

Pauline Roark has been sick. She is now some better. Delma Roark has been sick and taking treatments. Sandy Roark hasn’t been feeling well. Keep all these people in your prayers.

Justin Akemon had a birthday last week. He had a sleepover at the Cowan Community Center.

Sally Caudill fell a few months ago and broke her hip. She is home now and doing pretty well.

I want to send Amelia Fields a big hello. Hope to talk to you soon.

This is about all the news I have this time. I’m sure there will be plenty next time. I would like to say thanks to everyone who used to read my columns and missed them. I have missed writing.

God bless everyone. See ya next time.

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