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Dry it, can it, freeze it or give it to a neighbor


Greetings from the hills and valleys of Eolia and Eolia Christian Community Outreach.

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God . . . for God is love. 1 John 4:7,8

As summer is winding down the volunteers at ECCO are busily clearing out the remains of their gardens. From what I hear there have been more gardens raised and more canning and freezing this year then usual. Like most folks here in the mountains I was raised believing it was a sin to let anything in the garden go to waste. You either dry it, can it, freeze it or give it to a neighbor.

ECCO received several bags of cabbage and carrots which will go in the food boxes. We also received several boxes of beautiful big red plums, which we gave to the Ovenfork Senior Center. We love our seniors, especially now that Tony and I belong to that club.

Liz Sturgill and I canned 22 pints of yellow pickles, or as some people call them, banana pickles. We’ve also been very busy putting fall and winter clothes out in the thrift store.

One day for lunch Rodney Sturgill treated us all to a roast beef sandwich and Don and Florance Billett brought us a shoo-fly pie from the Bird In Hand pastry shop on a return trip from Lancaster, Penn. Now anyone who reads the novels written by Beverly Lewis on the lives of the Amish, knows what a treat that was. They also brought a snitz pie, commonly known to us as a dried apple pie. They were both quite delicious.

I was sure glad to hear the road up Robinson Branch was newly paved. There are a lot of folks that live in that hollow. Ruby Adams was telling me the last time a count was taken, there were over 80 families living in that area. We appreciate our magistrate, Bob Lewis.

We hear so much bad news, isn’t it great when we hear some really good news? Well, that’s what I have for you folks that know Bear Hisson. While talking to Sharman I learned that Bear’s cancer is in remission and he and Ann Leslie will be returning to teach at the Mountain Montessori School this fall. He contributes this to all the prayers that have gone up for him. Emily went to the Montessori school so I know it to be a fact, Bear and Ann Leslie are outstanding teachers and they love their students. Emily loved the Montessori school so much, she was mad for a while for being sent to public school. I just wish we had a Montessori school that went through grade school and high school. Bear’s name will continue on our prayer list, and we ask everyone to continue lifting him up in prayer.

Thought for the day: “Each loving act says loud and clear, I love you. God loves you. I care. God cares.”

News from the Senior Citizens Center by Jewell Maggard:

“Hi, seniors, did you have a blessed week? I thank the Lord for waking me up each morning and giving me another opportunity to serve him. Read Psalm 119:130. We like to give gifts to our families and friends, but have you given a spiritual gift to God by reading your Bible, praying, helping someone in need or telling someone about the love of God and how He wants to save them?

“Snakes have been keeping some people busy in the community. Paul Maggard from Collier Creek killed two copperheads on his place. Kenneth Burton stepped on a copperhead without getting bitten, but killed it before it got away. I came home from work to find that Marvin had killed a rattlesnake in our yard. Now that’s a little too close for comfort.

“Marvin and I took Mable Gilliam to the eye doctor where she was told she had cataracts growing. She has to go back in a year.

“Everyone remember to give to God this week.”

Community bulletin board: Neighborhood Watch meeting at ECCO the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. Rockvine Baptist Church youth group meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m., Bible study also 6 p.m.; the bus will run. Call Mindy at (606) 589-6226 or Linda at 633-4948. The Eolia Community Park Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at ECCO. Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department meets at 11 a.m. the second Sunday of each month at the Partridge station. Volunteers are welcome. The Partridge Lions Club meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Thursday of each month at the Ovenfork Senior Citizen Center. Come and bring a guest.

This week our prayer list includes Barb Shelton, Keith Maggard, Bernice Maggard, Josh Lewis, Rodney Sturgill, Stephanie Estep, Raymond Kiser, Judy Branham, Lucy Maggard, Nora and Lillian Walker, Bear Hissom, Kess “Rusty” Halcomb, Ruth Halcomb, Olivia Blair, Sue Cook, Geneva Tolaver, Curt Sturgill, Jr. Carter, Marie Snell, Dorothy Nease, Cora Sturgill, and Brenda Gross. Also to be lifted up in prayer are those enslaved by drugs and alcohol, may they be delivered, the troops in Iraq, the United States and Iraq, the leaders of our country, all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

You may contact us by writing to ECCO, 135 Emily Lane, Eolia, Ky. 40826. Our e-mail is eccotruth@peoplepc.com.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, “God bless.”

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