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Dunham park will get restroom

People using the county park at Dunham will no longer have to take their children home to use the bathroom or ask residents of nearby homes to use theirs as the Letcher Fiscal Court on Tuesday accepted Blair Construction’s bid of $19,440 to build restrooms for the park.

Other bidders were Breeding’s Plumbing and Electric of Isom with a bid of $51,500 and Ridgeway Construction with a bid of $26,225. Randy Blair, who attended the bid opening, told the court his bid did not include guttering, block insulation, or hook up to plumbing or utilities.

District Five Magistrate Wayne Fleming, who represents Dunham on the court, said that in retrospect, he wished the court had tied the bid to repairs on the old Dunham Firehouse, which borders the park. However, Judge/Executive Jim Ward said he had inspected the building and it is in bad shape, with water damage and cracks on both sides of the rear. Fleming said he had feared that repairs to the old fire station might be so expensive they would prevent the residents of Dunham from getting the restrooms, so he had not asked that the rest rooms tied to repairing the station for use as a community center.

Fleming said he knows the people who use the park will be pleased to have restrooms and not have to take their children home or ask to use the restrooms in nearby homes. He said it may take a year or two in the current funding climate, but promised he would try to find the necessary funds to repair the firehouse and turn it into a community center.

Ward said that with the extent of the damage, it may be advisable, when funding is available, to ask for two bids, one for repairing the building and a second bid to demolish the existing structure and put up a metal building. He said the foundation is sound and can be used if they go with the second option.

In other business, the court voted unanimously to pay a bill of $300 to compensate a Letcher County family for two baby strollers that were accidentally picked up by sanitation workers. Ward said the family’s children had been playing with the strollers and left them near the trashcans, where sanitation workers picked them when they picked up the garbage. One of the workers questioned if the strollers were meant to be picked up, but by the time he asked about it they had already been crushed.

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