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Earl Profitt celebrates 90th birthday


The weeks go by pretty fast, as I have said before. I hope everyone is making out as springtime is on its way. For me it seems like the winter season went by pretty fast.

I think this is the way I started my news last week. Anyway, this is what I have in my notebook.

Not many coming or going. We miss our loved ones and friends who aren’t with us anymore. Seems like you especially miss them in the spring of the year.

After the cold winter you see many things that need to be done. It is a busy time of the year. It is a pretty time of the year.

We want to thank the Letcher County Extension Office for an excellent workshop on living healthfully and economically. There was a lot of good information available, nice handouts and door prizes.

Jim Caudill gave a really interesting lesson on growing mushrooms on a log. This can be a cash crop as well as providing a good source of nutrition for your family. Ruby Breeding taught about gathering wild greens. She took us on a walk outside, where she identified several of the earlier ones. Ruby learned this skill from her grandmother when she was a small child and has continued it through the years. She has become an expert and is eager to share her knowledge.

The morning ended with a good old dinner of soup beans, kraut and wieners, cornbread, onions and peach cobbler, provided by the Extension staff. Six Cowan Homemakers were in the large group attending.

Ben Miller of Acton, Mass., formerly of Little Cowan, surprised his papaw, Earl Profitt, with a visit on his 90th birthday on March 13. The plan was in the making for several weeks, so all the family knew about it but Papaw.

Roger and Sheila Brown came over and we had a little party at the Highland Winery at Seco with a special cake (brought by Doris) and a delicious meal. Afterward, Ben showed us movies of his and Samantha’s son, Calvin. The highlight of this was Calvin eating grapefruit as fast as his mom put it on his plate.

Glennis Little baked Earl a cake and gave him some flower seeds which he’ll plant, and enjoy their beauty. Nettie Roberts always gives him a special gift on his birthday.

Earl got cards and phone calls from many friends and family, which he appreciated very much, and he wants to thank everyone for their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday, and we miss those who are unable to attend.

Kay Amburgey of Lexington enjoyed a nice visit with Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks and other relatives.

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