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Early planting may get plants killed


Bertha Paige Dye’s son is pictured with his grandson.

Bertha Paige Dye’s son is pictured with his grandson.

First of all, I want to say I cannot believe we are still having to be quarantined. But, I sure am glad it wasn’t during the winter months when we couldn’t get outside and work in our flower and vegetable gardens. I’m sure hoping we don’t have any late hard frosts or freezes, because, according to Facebook, so many people have already gotten things planted that will get killed.

We aren’t that brave. My mommy just kind of made a frowny face when I talked about getting some peppers planted. So, I think we’ll wait. We’ve got some cabbages planted, but that’s all. We’ve never had any luck with broccoli or cauliflower, so we just gave up on them awhile back. Our vegetable garden has put lots of different foods in the freezer and the canning cabinet, and I would advise everybody that has a good garden spot to make good use of it for times such as these.

We are all living so differently these days, and there has been many a time in these past three weeks I’ve just had to take a step back and realize this really is happening. It isn’t a dream. Our school kids are having to learn in a completely different way than any of us ever have before. Parents that are having to help their children with their NTI work are finally learning why teachers want to do away with Common Core. My daughter tells some of the things her youngest daughter says when they are trying to help her with her work and they are hilarious. She will be nine years old this July. Hopefully we will get to have her a birthday party. Here are a few of my daughter, Joy Hampton’s posts:



That moment when your eight-year-old thinks it’s just her and her siblings that are home schooled for the month.

Me – No, it’s everyone

Story – Like, all of MJP?!

Me – No. Like all of the USA

Story – You cancelled school for everyone?

Seth – Story came to the locked door and looked in my face and wouldn’t let me in the house.

Story – I thought it was the coronavirus! OK?!

During home school:

Story – 190+10 can’t be 200 though.

I won’t lie here. She did have some excellent arguments and made me second guess myself a few times.

Story, after I explained the same work to her 20 times, You’re so wrong and I know it but I’m gonna write it so you won’t keep on and on.

Story – I miss my own lunch ladies. They know everything in the world about me. If you need to know things about me just ask them. They get it.

Only 72,646,955 more days to go!

If you think those NTI papers carry the virus you’ll need to wait a day or so to grade them. Also I’m a meanie who doesn’t understand that she can’t spell anymore because she hasn’t been to school in “like a year”.

As you can see my daughter is a much better writer than I am.

I got a call from Debbie Baker last week. She’s the director of the Letcher County Senior Citizen program. It was so nice to hear her voice and hear that everyone’s doing okay. She said they are staying busy keeping in touch with all the seniors and making sure everybody is staying healthy at home. Lots of our seniors have no family here and counted on the Senior Citizen program for socializing more than anything else. I find out how Lizzie Mae Wright is doing through her neighbor and my friend, Rhonda Cook. Lots of the others are my friends on Facebook and I can talk to them through that media. Speaking of which, Iona Noble is one of the seniors that has just made her a Facebook page so she could talk to her kids and grandkids. I love how people are looking out for one another.

I found a very fitting quote on Facebook from a man that was just a young boy when we went to church at Colson Bible Baptist Church many years ago, Ron Blair. We all called him Jot. He is now a pastor in Florida. It said: “Sometimes things have to be different to show us what we had and to teach us not to take if for granted . . . Life today vs. life a month ago.” I just hope once this is over we don’t forget and start taking things for granted again. Attending church services is the one thing I’m thinking about.

Speaking of church services, for the first time in my life that I can remember, we will not be attending an Easter service in the church house. Our pastor has been recording our messages on his wife Sandy Jones’s Facebook page from their home. So, this Sunday we will be listening to his Easter message on social media. We will listen to many others, too. I’ve noticed there will be an egg hunt going on throughout the communities, but these will take place by following the governor’s requests without gathering together. Instead there will be lots of eggs placed in windows and the children will be able to find them this way from their vehicles.

My brother-in-law Rick Mason’s cousin, Jeff McElroy, had open-heart surgery on April 2 and seems to be doing well with it. His family requested for his church family and friends to be praying for him.

One of my former classmates, Mavis Eldridge Brown, posted on Facebook the death of her mother, Lola Eldridge. She passed away on Sunday the 5th and wanted everyone to pray for the family. She was a sister to one of our senior citizens, Maxine Quillen, also.

Another death in our community was Ann Bradley. Ann was the Family and Consumer Service Agent for the Letcher County Extension Office and served many youth in the 4-H program. One of her duties that brought her in contact with Mom and other women in the community was driving the bus to take them to University of Kentucky Clinic for their yearly ovarian cancer screening. After their check-ups they always spent the rest of the day shopping and eating. Mom and two of her sisters, Pearl Noble and Linda Hall, always had a really good time on these trips.

My first cousin, Donnie Adams, also passed away on the 3rd. He was the son of Ellis and Mazie Pennington Adams. He was 74 years old and lived at Louisa.

There was a beautiful picture posted of Bertha Paige Dye’s son with his grandson. For those of you that are from Marlowe Coal Camp, Bertha and her brothers and sisters grew up there. She called Mom the other day to check on her and see if she was okay through this quarantine. Mom loves talking to her.

So, once again remember to pray for all those that have lost loved ones. Remember our pastor, Bill Jones, and his family every time you pray.

Once again ending here by saying, if it’s possible for you to attend a church service on social media of some type please do so. Some churches are having drive-in type services where the message is live streamed over the radio somehow. I love being able to hear all kinds of pastors that are local.

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