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Earn a degree in ‘profitability’

Every company wants to find ways to reduce costs and increase revenue. Mastering these two feats is how companies become Fortune 500 success stories. But how do you do it?

Start by earning your “advanced degree in profitability” with Business Mail 101 from the Postal Service!

Business Mail 101 is an online tutorial program that teaches you how you can get the most out of your mail. The website uses easy-to-understand language to walk you through every key decision you need to make to start using the mail to cut costs and boost profits for your company. When you are done, you will know exactly what your business mailing needs are and which Postal Service products and services are right for you.

Business Mail 101 explains how to:

• advertise by mail, • qualify for reduced rates, • get a mailing list, • find resources to help pre- pare, design and mail your pieces, and

• choose the right method for paying postage.

You don’t have to be an international conglomerate to make money using the mail. Business Mail 101 will give you the information you need to harness the power of the mail for your company or organization. Just go to www.usps.com/ businessmail101.

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