Whitesburg KY

Earthquake felt in Owensboro


Pictured is the family of the late Gid and Lora Brown, formerly of Marlowe.

Pictured is the family of the late Gid and Lora Brown, formerly of Marlowe.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and getting over the scare of our first earthquake. It was heard and felt over into other states. My son, Rob Hatton, in Owensboro, 350 miles away, felt it. I haven’t heard of any bad damage, but it lets us know we never know what to expect in this life.

Rose Ballard, I would also like for all of us to get together sometime at the Grill. I hope Emma Lou is doing better, and also her husband hasn’t been doing well.

My sister Kathleen Brock and her husband, Earnest Brock, are still not doing well and need the prayers of everyone. I think Earnest will be having surgery soon in Lexington. I sure hope it goes well.

I talked with Loreva Fields the other day, and she had fallen and blackened both of her eyes, but seemed to be doing better. She came to the funeral of Novake Banks on Saturday and Sunday, and I enjoyed talking with her.

I told her she looked good, except for too much eye makeup (it was bruises) and she laughed at that.

Claudine and Willie Sturgill of Bloomville, Ohio, are former residents of Whitesburg.

Claudine and Willie Sturgill of Bloomville, Ohio, are former residents of Whitesburg.

It was good hearing from an old friend, Betty (Spangler) Asher in Columbus, Ind. I was sorry to hear the news of a special aunt of hers who died in Columbus, Ind. She was a good friend of mine and had visited with me the past three years, and even stayed in my home. I loved it.

She was a sister of my next-door neighbor, the late Beulah Hall, who was a great friend of mine, and she visited her often. That’s how I got to know her.

She had four daughters and I got to meet them at her funeral. I was really impressed with them, and they are going to keep in touch with me. I’ll like that.

I haven’t been out much to see people. I did see Janie Benton and Jewel Crase in the Parkway Pharmacy and enjoyed talking with them both, and also met an old friend from Blackey in Food City last Friday, Joann Walters.

We went to Blackey School when we were in first grade a long time ago. It was good seeing her.

Linda P. Hall called me and told me that her nephew, Ronnie Dale Hall of Tiffi n, Oh., called her and told her his Aunt Sillar Hatton had died in Tiffin, Oh., and that her sister, Julie Lawson, was in a nursing home there and real sick.

They were both Marlowe people. Sillar was married to Baker Hatton. Linda also told me that her husband, Dennis Hall, had been real sick and had been in a Lexington hospital, but is home now, but still needs prayer.

Late happy birthday wishes to Charles Noble on Nov. 9. I heard it on the radio. I haven’t seen him in a long time. I see his wife, Pearl, sometimes.

I want to say thank you to the Stidham woman in Walmart, whom I talked to. She said she likes my column. That keeps us keeping on.

I went to a great birthday party for my grandson, Dr. Jonathon Hatton, at the home of his parents, Sandra and Billy Hatton. All of his family was there: his brother, Jamie Hatton and wife Julie, and their children, Anna and Eli; Angie Mullins and her children, Sam and Ellie; Billy Ray and wife Ernestine and granddaughter; and of course Jonathon’s wife, Andrea and daughter Kate; Andrea’s mother, and of course, myself.

We had a great time and super great food.

I got a letter from my friend, Clodine Sturgill in Brookville, Oh. She sent me some family pictures and a VCR tape of her and her husband singing. I can’t get my VCR to work, so I’ll see if someone can help me. Thank you, Clodine.

Does it sound like I’ve had a good week? Yeah, I did! May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere.

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