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Easter brings visit from grandchildren

Hello everyone! Let’s sit and chat for a spell. As I wake this morning there are so many thoughts running through my brain, it’s no telling what this column will contain.

As I am sipping on a cup of hot, can I say almost delicious, chicken broth, trying to calm a very nauseated stomach. Every time I turn on the television there’s delicious food, the same with the computer.

Again I am trying to be thankful for no feeding tube. I have been very sick for the past two weeks, almost beyond being able to go.

Thank God my daughter Angie is able to do a little for herself, as I am not able to do very much of anything at the present.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, remembering that it isn’t just a time for the Easter bunny to bring candy and gifts for the children. Oh how I miss the hectic years of raising our children.

The night before, Jack and I would be up late making Easter baskets. Early the next morning as the kids woke up we would hear the tiptoeing as they looked with anticipation at the Easter baskets. We would let them have a piece of candy and their toy the Easter bunny had left, then I would fix breakfast and we would get dressed for church.

No matter how hard times were, we managed to get Keith a new shirt and pair of black pants and new shoes. Sometimes I made the girls outfits to match. Yes, we had some lean years with three small children.

What I wouldn’t give to go back to the days of raising the children again, no matter how hard I had to work. Remember we had three little ones before I was 20 years old. Then a fourth baby girl came when I was almost 28 years old, and that was the end.

I finally started receiving The Mountain Eagle after almost month of not getting it. Yes, The Mountain Eagle is a bright spot in my life.

Once again Easter has come and gone, leaving memories.

Since I am sick it is just my son and I, and it was hard to decide what to fix Keith for dinner as I wanted to fix something extra, which didn’t happen. However it was a special day.

Southern Ohio

I may or may not have mentioned over the years, I have three grandchildren that were adopted several years ago, due to circumstance that I won’t go into. Easter Sunday my son got to see his youngest son after 20 years. Joe, along with his sister Christina, came for a visit. I have been in touch with the kids for the last couple of years. They are grown now and each have their own lives.

As we all sat in the living room out came the blasted cell phones, texting whomever. I finally said look, please put those phones away. Laughter followed as it seemed everyone had run out of things to say.

They stayed a couple of hours, making plans to come back. The plan of them coming was so unstable that I didn’t know what time to fix dinner. So while Christina and Joe talked to Keith, I started frying chicken and had potato salad almost done when they got here. As it turned out they had stopped and got a sandwich on the way here.

It was a wonderful time seeing my son and grandson reunited. Keith had been in touch with his daughter Christina a few years back. Christina has two children now that are almost three, and six months. Christina’s mom had the kids for Easter, so she is bringing them again.

My sympathy goes out to family and friends of Junior Kuracka. As far as I know he was known as Junior Crockett around Hot Spot and Roxana. Most people knew his mother as Annie Crockett. My dad Clayton Hall knew Junior for many years.

A couple of times through the years Dad hired Junior Crockett to bring Dad, Mom and the family to visit Jack and myself. Junior had a sister that lived around Dayton, and he would go visit her for a couple of days and then come back to pick Dad and Mom up then head for the mountains.

Junior was friends with my brothers Wallace and Jerry and my sister Loretta, and he was faithful to visit them, and especially after they were in the nursing home. Then Junior would call me often to tell me how they were doing. I know Junior will be missed a lot as he was a special person.

Johnny and Ann Calihan had all their family home for Easter. There were even small great-grandkids that enjoyed all the fun.

Sue Wagner was home and was kept very busy trying to keep her mom out of the kitchen.

My daughter Kay and her husband Clarence Gray spent the week in Destin, Fla. I didn’t hear from her Easter, but I know they were busy.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray called to invite Keith and me for dinner as she decided at the spur of the moment to fix ham and all the trimmings. Too late, as I already had everything on the stove. My oldest granddaughter Jennifer Gray called to say happy Easter.

Beechwood Marching Band is performing in the parade at Disney World. My granddaughters, Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham, are in the band. Jessica and Katelyn rode on the bus with the band. Scott, Anna, Kyle and Sarah all flew to Disney World, then are going to meet with the band.

While at Disneyland it seems Kyle has decided he didn’t want to go on some rides after they stood in line for an extensive amount of time.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold is improving slowly from her back surgery, and I talked to her briefly on Easter.

Bennie was pleased with the things the Easter bunny brought him.

I haven’t talked to Les and Pat Wagner this week due to my illness. I hope they are doing all right.

Something should be done about Kentucky’s governor messing with the teachers’ pensions! I don’t live in Kentucky anymore, and some may say why does it concern me? I hear so much about how good of an income that teachers make. Do you realize that teachers take money from their pocket to buy necessary essentials for the classroom?

My daughter Jodi Gray is in her third year of teaching. Jodi is lucky as her mother Kay donates a lot of things to her classroom.

If I were able I would be on the doorstep of Frankfort this morning raising my voice in protest.

When I was a child I was lost between the cracks as no one cared enough to help me, with an education. I would have loved to become a teacher. The closest I came to fulfilling that dream was when I worked as an assistant teacher in Head Start many years ago.

How would the governor, or any political party like to have their retirement messed with? More so, how would they like to live on their income?

People, you voted that governor in and you should get him out as he doesn’t have the people’s interest first.

Before you know it education will not be important in Kentucky. It will slide back to the times when the belief what does a girl need education for, to wipe a running nose and change a diaper?

Please stand behind these teachers. They aren’t only fighting for themselves, they are fighting for the future.

Well folks, I have to leave you for now. I hope to be back next week.

Don’t forget Carcassonne Community Center square dance April 8. You can check with Mike and Marcia Caudill.

Until then, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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