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Easter Sunday was on the cool side


COUSIN REUNION -  The granddaughters of Beulah Caudill held their first cousin weekend recently at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

COUSIN REUNION – The granddaughters of Beulah Caudill held their first cousin weekend recently at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

A typical day for Easter Sunday – it’s nearly always on the cool side. We had a pretty good number out for church at Little Cowan.

Robert Brown and family of Tennessee spent Easter weekend with his grandmother, Virginia Brown. They attended church at Little Cowan.

Marsha Banks spent Easter weekend with Kay Amburgey, Missy and family in Chicago. Carl Bennett and I enjoyed Sunday dinner after I came home from church.

Maybe it will warm up soon. It seems like our winter season went by too fast.

Our sympathy to the family of Mrs. Alice Profit of Cowan. She will be sadly missed by her family and friends. I am sure it was a sad Easter for her family and many others whose loved ones have passed away.

The granddaughters of Beulah Caudill held their first annual cousin weekend at Oakenwold, the home of Jenny Ison-Stigers at Cape Girardeau, Mo. Her guests included her sister, Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg. They are the daughters of Thelma Ison. Other guests included Carolyn Ison-Gilliam’s daughters, Kae Fisher, Donna Watts and Doris Ison of Whitesburg; Emma Campbell’s daughters, Martha Wenning of Ohio and Susie Ware of Lexington; and George Sigrest’s daughters, Shirley Harris of Tinsley, Miss.; Anne Carpenter of Yazoo City, Miss.; and Kathy LaMonte of Clinton, Miss.

Martha surprised her cousins with aprons that she had made. She said that her mother had made aprons for her cousins at their first cousin reunion.

The cousins all enjoyed an outing that Jenny had planned for them where they all painted picture frames. After a little shopping, the group enjoyed a delicious meal at Lambert’s in Sikeston. After that, they’ll just say what happens at Oakenwold, stays at Oakenwold. They look forward to making this an annual event. They missed the ones who were unable to attend.

The older generation of cousins are happy and proud to see the younger ones taking up the custom of regular get-togethers. The Banks branch is also doing it. Maybe they’ll give us a picture someday.

Emily Damron spent part of her spring break with her grandparents, Zelma Lou and Bert Banks.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lowe spent Easter weekend with her mother, Elsie Boggs of Cowan. I am sure many traveled over the miles to be with family and friends.

Elizabeth Fairchild attended the Little Dove Church at Eolia Sunday, where she is now a member.

The Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will be having a revival beginning on Sunday night, March 30, at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome. We will also be having the Eastern District Association this year. Several hundred people attend from Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. Some are already making reservations. It is an honor for the host church.

The Bible study group met at the home of Bobby and Georgia Phillips this past week. A nice time was enjoyed by all.

Kathy LaMonte and daughter Sarah of Mississippi have been in for a visit. It was good to see them. We missed them after they went back to Kathy’s home state.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.

Love and best wishes to all.

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