Whitesburg KY

Easter with Steve



Easter has come and gone and left us with many memories of our beloved son, Steven. Steve, who loved to hide eggs with his little buddies, as he called the little kids. He had as much fun as the little ones. He would see that the smallest ones found a few eggs too. They all loved him and he loved them, didn’t matter whose kids they were because he loved them all as though they were his, and they knew he loved them too, because he showed his love to everyone he met. Steve is no longer with us, but will never be forgotten by those who really loved him, and who will never forget that fateful night, Friday night, December 14, 2012. Since Steve’s death his family have had to endure much accusations and lies with no foundation and no credible evidence as to a cause of death, since no autopsy or toxicology was performed on his remains although there certainly should have been under the circumstances, KRS 720:025 – KRS 72:026. When Steve lay down that night he had no way of knowing that the devil waited for him, to make sure he never saw daylight. There will never be another with as much love and compassion as Steve had. Submitted by his expectant family, still waiting.

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