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ECCO serves as bed and breakfast


Greetings to all from the Eolia Christian Community Outreach Center. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

This week ECCO has served as a bed and breakfast as well as an outreach center. Seven SWAP staff members are living for the next few weeks upstairs and two couples, friends of Sheldon and Marie from their hometown of Chambersburg, Pa., stayed overnight.

And, friends and ECCO sponsors Mike and Holly from Wooster, Ohio spent the night. I’m just glad we have the room available to accommodate our guests.

Sheldon and Marie along with their friends left Saturday morning for a gospel singing held on the outskirts of Knoxville featuring the McKamey Family.

I sure do appreciate friends Rod and Liz for bringing a tarp to put over Lucky’s dog lot to give her some shade. Most of the time except at night I just let her run loose, but sometimes for whatever reason or other I’ve kept her in the lot for being a nuisance. This is especially true when she follows me out the lane and heads right down the middle of the highway following my car.

Last weekend Ray and Sharon Bird treated Sheldon, Marie and me to a great time at the Harlan County Polk Salad Festival. We went to hear the gospel singing, which featured some amazing talent and also the famous Freeman Family. That evening we went to a restaurant in town where Ray and Sharon again graciously treated us to the house special which was — what else but polk salad, soup beans, fried cornbread fritters, fried taters, salt bacon, and a green onion. What a feast!

All the folks at ECCO want to say how much we appreciate receiving the $20,000 grant funding from natural gas drillers EQT. This money helps many of the agencies we sponsor, but the greatest need this will serve will be the building of wheelchair ramps throughout the county. The same week we received the check, I was called with a request for a wheelchair ramp and how good it felt to say, “Yes, we can do it.”

This is the third year EQT has kindly considered our ministry in their giving. Again, thanks to EQT.

With that I’ll leave you with this thought for the day: “ Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

Community Bulletin board: Eolia Youth Group meets each Thursday evening at 5:30 at ECCO, come join the fun. Cumberland River Vol. Fire Dept. meets the second Sunday of each month at 11 a.m. at the Partridge Station. Volunteers welcome.

Bible study Monday evening at 7 p.m. at ECCO, all are welcome. Partridge Lions Club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the Ovenfork Senior Citizen Center. Come and bring a guest.

This week our prayer list includes Garland Couch, Hannah Burke, Winston Sturgill, Phyllis Pennington, Stephanie Estep, Billy Dixon, Ralph Nease, Gary Gaithner, Nora Walker, Don Brown, Helen Chapman, Linda Sturgill, Louise Boggs, Ruth Halcomb and Brenda Gross.

Also lift up in prayer all those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, may they be delivered, our military troops around the world, our president and the leaders of our country, the United States, all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, God bless.

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