Whitesburg KY

Eddie and Donna Pitts visit from Oklahoma

Mae Boggs has been visiting her children and grandchildren in Lexington and Louisville. Her youngest grandchild graduated from the eighth grade. He is anxious to enter high school. His parents are Tim and Melinda Boggs.

While they were in Louisville Mae, Kelly, Becky and Eula all went to a farm and picked strawberries and made preserves. Mae really enjoyed it but had to come home to get ready for the Fourth of July. All her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are planning to come to her house then. They will have dinner at the Kingscreek Park on July 3.

Joe and Linda Brown of Forest, Miss., spent a few days on Cowan visiting his mother, Virginia Brown, and brother, Randy Brown. They brought fresh squash and cucumbers from their garden. Friday and Saturday nights they enjoyed attending his 50th high school class reunion. There were about 50 people present.

Eddie and Donna Pitts of Oklahoma visited his Aunt Elsie and Carl and Marsha Banks. Eddie and Carl grew up together, and always have a good time when they get together.

Cowan Community Homemakers met at the community center on June 8. Those present were: Anna Yonts, Ruth Shackleford, Georgia Phillips, Virginia Brown, Linda Combs, Stacy and Jeanette Dollarhyde. They enjoyed a delicious lunch of sandwiches, salad and dessert. Their next meeting will be at the beautiful home of Georgia and Bobby Phillips on Pine Mountain on July 13.

Duane and Anna Yonts enjoyed a trip to Bad Branch Falls with Camp Nathaniel missionaries, Tim and Michelle Moushon, and their daughters, Christa, Haley and Jessica. They were quite impressed with its beauty, and the girls had great fun playing in the water. It was a pretty day and they met several other people on the trail.

Cory and Cameron Garrett spent the week with their grandparents, Randy and Eula Brown. Saturday, they visited Jason and Amanda Brown in Fall Branch, Tenn. Jason sent his Granny about a peck of beautiful, dark cherries he had found growing in the woods. She made a wonderful cobbler with them, and put five packages in the freezer.

Chester and Verna Rayburn were in from Liberty this weekend to attend church and the funeral of Tony Gross.

The family of the late Bernard and Minnie Vae Banks had their family reunion at their farm in Mt. Victory during Memorial weekend. Those attending were: Donald Banks, Linda Lucas, Carol Caudill, Gail Brewster of Pell City, Ala., Pat and Marilyn Banks of Edinburgh, Ind., Chris, Gwen and Mattie Handlon of Milton, Bryon and Tammy Banks, Nathan Banks, Brook Hogg, Lannie Day, David Day and two of his friends.

Brook was the celerity of the weekend because she caught the largest fish. Bryan and Tammy hosted a fish fry on Sunday for everyone.

June 11, Jill Kent, the daughter of Carol Caudill, celebrated her birthday. Jill and Carol went out to eat and went shopping for her birthday.

Jacob Farley was graduated from the eighth grade June 11. Jacob is a son of Sherrie and Robert Brown, and a brother of Bradley and Joseph Brown.

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