Whitesburg KY

Eddie Wolfe, son involved in accident

Big Cowan

Eddie Wolfe had an accident at Mountain Comprehensive Care the other day and tore up his car. He was not injured, but his son, Thomas, went to the emergency room and had x-rays, but was okay.

My husband got out of the hospital and is doing much better, though still a little sore.

Our water pipes have been frozen for two or three days, as well as some of our neighbors’. Hopefully they will thaw out soon and won’t burst this time. The last time they froze and burst inside, and what a mess we had.

It has been so cold out that I haven’t seen very many people out and about, so no news is good news I guess.

Jim Snell is back home from the hospital and is doing much better. Irene cooked some squash and took it up to him. He was really glad to see her.

Her son, Francis Day, took her up there to visit with him also.

Eugene has been busy hulling walnuts.

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