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Edison G. Banks celebrates 50th birthday


Edison G. Banks celebrated his 50th birthday at a party given by his family. His sister Amanda and nephew Kyle came in from northern Kentucky, and an aunt and uncle from Knoxville. A lot of other friends and relatives also attended. He received some useful and interesting gifts, including an AARP membership from his mom and dad.

I was lucky enough to win the door prize, a big, pretty Christmas wreath.

Carol Caudill had celebrated her real birthday in Tennessee last week with J.T. This week she celebrated again with her sister Linda Lucas, and cousins Anna Yonts, Thelma Ison and Doris Banks. They started with a trip to ECCO, where each found some good bargains. They enjoyed lunch at Pine Mountain Grill, and then visited ancestors at the Will Adams, Billie Day, and Woody Caudill cemeteries. It was a totally fun day.

Happy birthday to Susie Day and Mabel Faye Bentley, both of Florida, who have birthdays this month.

Yvonne Brown Sutphin of Virginia, is visiting her sister, Linda Combs, and other family members. She attended Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church last Sunday, and the Cowan Homemakers on Tuesday.

Yvonne’s grandson, Derek Frame, is in the Marines, and is now stationed at 29 Palms, Calif..

Roger Yonts of Georgia, Mike Yonts of Indiana, and friends Richard and Shawn all spent the weekend hiking the trail from Jenkins to the Crawford Lake on Pine Mountain. Unfortunately, the pretty weather we’d been having didn’t hold out. They camped in the snow both nights, and had some wet, cold hiking.

They stayed with Duane and Anna Yonts Wednesday night and Saturday. They were mighty happy to be there, and enjoyed Anna’s good cooking, especially Saturday night.

Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will be having special Thanksgiving services this week, with visiting ministers Thursday through Saturday at 7 p.m. nightly. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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