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Edra Pack to celebrate birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope all had a wonderful week. Mine has been very good.

A late happy birthday on Sept. 14 to Mary Ann Maggard. She is home from Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital and doing some better. Keep her in prayer.

Late happy anniversary to Charles and Pat Large on Sept. 16. Keep both of them in prayer.

Tommy Fields will be having his 68th birthday on Sept. 26, and Margie and David Raleigh will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Sept. 26. Congratulations to both of them, and happy birthday, Tommy.

Happy birthday to Edra Pack on Sept. 27. She will be 72 years young.

Jeremy Ogle of Columbus, Ind., has a birthday on Sept. 27. Happy birthday.

My oldest granddaughter, Ashley Renee Fields, will be the big 2-0 on Sept. 30. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday. I love you, my beautiful girl, and hope everything goes well for you. Papa and I love you very much.

Darlene Maggard Absher will be 52 on Sept. 30. Have a great day.

Fall is just around the corner. Leaves are falling and nights are cooler. I love this time of year. I hope to get out and about more. I just can’t take the hot weather. My husband doesn’t mind the heat as much, where he worked in a factory almost 40 years. Well, he can have my 80-degree and 90-degree temperatures, and I will claim the cooler weather.

There was a bad wreck on Cowan this past week. A four-wheeler rear-ended a car. I hope everyone was okay.

Some people drive too fast on four-wheelers and motorcycles. We will be driving on the highway and always get passed by one or the other going real fast. If someone pulled out in front of them, I don’t think they could get stopped in time. I worry about them getting hurt or killed.

When I was younger I saw a motorcycle crash on Cowan. The guy was going really fast and missed the curve, and landed with his head buried in a cornfield. If it had not been for my mom pulling his head up and cleaning his mouth out, he would have been dead.

Michelle Murphy fell and broke her knee. She is supposed to have surgery on it. She has been in a lot of pain. Keep her in prayer. She is married to Paul Murphy. Haymond Pentecostal Church came and had services at her house last Friday night, since she has been unable to attend some of the services. She was richly blessed. She is a daughter of Dean and Joyce Wilson.

Dock Frazier and his wife opened a new store over by Whitco Hill called Kingdom Come Gifts. Everyone go check it out. My sister and brother-in-law stopped in. I haven’t had a chance yet, but I intend on going. They have musical supplies, Amish gifts, Holy Land gifts, etc. Hey Dock, if you need help a few days a week, call me. OK?

Sorry to hear about Richie Hall dying. He had been sick for some time. He was a brother to Rose Ballard, a correspondent for The Mountain Eagle in northern Ohio. Our sympathy to the family.

Two birthdays this past week, my brother Archie Fields and brother-in-law Eddie Wolfe. We bought a German chocolate cake for each of them. Archie turned 67 on Sept. 12, and Eddie turned 56 on Sept. 15. Glad you each enjoyed your special day.

David Maggard was in from Michigan and visited with Irene and Eugene Day, and I think Ronald Fields and wife were in visiting his sister Jessie Fields Combs and Bro. Tommy Fields. He lives in Greenfield, Ind.

Well, everyone have a safe and happy week. Be good to yourself and each other, and pray for everyone. God bless.

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