Whitesburg KY

Edsel and Carol Baker are Rook champions at the Colson center

Our Valentine party was great success. Hobert Sergent was named king and Opal Froste was named queen. Members of their court were Linda Lucas, Bonnie Craft, Opalene Anderson, Joan Hall, Henrietta Thomas, Imogene Sexton, Nora Logan, Linda Humphrey, Brenda Seals, June Sergent and Eula Short.

Our “Wall of Fame” is coming along. Thanks to Daniel Isaacs of Isaacs Lumber for donating a sheet of plywood. Thanks to Melvin Hall, Darrell Gibson and Matthew Simmons for all their help. Rick Mullins is always ready to help will all our projects.

Edsel and Carol Baker are the reigning Rook champions. Linda Sturgill, Donnie Morton and Darrell Gibson are eventually going to win a game.

The trip to Frankfort was postponed until March 4 due to the weather.

Archie Banks visited the center last week and updated us about his efforts on our behalf. Archie is working so hard to improve our district.

June Sergent, Brenda Seals, Nora Logan and Connie Cook are helping the Historical Society by sharing the obituaries they have collected over the years.

Arthur and Joyce Sergent are doing so much better and are back at the center. Continued best wishes to them. Anna Lee Goins is such a beautiful lady and very welcome at the center.

Special birthday wishes are being sent out to Linda Lou Lucas of Beaver Dam. Duke hasn’t been feeling very well. Get well wishes are sent out to him, his twin sister Wilma Collins, and his Aunt Geneva Profitt.

Thanks to Joan Hall for the St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

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