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Education is the key to the drug problem

Well, here we go again.

The mere mention of locating a prison in Letcher County sets off a wave of opposition. You can hear many reasons why one should not be located here or anywhere near here.

But as I stated before, if prisons are a bit overcrowded we need to build more prisons, not give those who violate our laws a slap on the wrist and put them under house arrest where they most likely will continue to do whatever they were doing when they were put under house arrest, especially the drug dealing.

Some of them use runners to deliver the narcotics for them. But one can time them and figure out when a new supply comes in and not on any certain time either.

But let’s face reality. Nobody is popular enough to have a dozen or more visitors in one day or night. When you see this happen there is a snake in the woodpile somewhere.

Those who deal in drugs should be incarcerated for quite a spell with mandatory schooling on illegal drugs for as long as they are incarcerated, both dealers and users.

I believe education is the key to the drug problem. A violator of our laws just might think about it awhile if he or she realizes the consequences they must endure.

Our sheriff and others are doing a good job, but we need a lot more input from the public in general if we ever hope to have a decent society for our youngsters to grow up in.

It is common knowledge that we have trash from bordering counties coming to our county to sell their wares. Sometimes in such simple things as sweepers and CD players.

That’s all from the funny farm till next time.

Now a little humor: An old farmer was standing in his dry cornfield, which was in bad shape due to a lack of rain. He looked up at the sky and asked the Lord to please send a quarter’s worth of rain.

That night it came a gully-washer of rain. Next morning he looked to the sky again and said, “Lord, if I had known it was that cheap I would have only asked for a dime’s worth.”

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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