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Eldora Trimble wins poetry contest

Eldora Maynard Trimble won first place in the Mountain Heritage Festival poetry contest with her work, “Old Man and Time”.

Here is her poem: He’s sitting again by the city gates Giving out counsel And sharing his wisdom. His hair is still dark, His eyes sharp and blue. Colorful leaves rustle in fall’s Gentle breeze As he sits surrounded by a plethora Of friends.

Near his feet, His faithful companion barks, His body jerks as he suddenly Awakes. Yesterday and dreams are Suddenly over. Through rheumy eyes that can barely See, and gnarled, Aged hands that so frequently Shake; He rubs his weathered And wrinkled face.

The only sounds are of a fire’s Dying embers, Just like his life, slowly fading. Days of late are hard to remember; But long ago is so vivid. His once thick hair, now fully gray Is so much thinner than yesterday.

He and his cane Slowly walk the floor, Longing for family and friends That stay too busy to visit anymore. His wisdom is no longer sought; He feels so useless now; he’s just Taking up space.

What is real, And what are reminisces? Is she really here, with her gentle smile And her warming presence? He shakes himself with a reminder That this is only his wishes.

A small supper of softly cooked Food, And hot soup for sipping. He turns in early, Alone, with bones so weary. Once again, Praying this is his last night alone, For his life is so empty, He just wants to go home.

As the willows weep, And the old man sleeps, Youthful, happy times draw him away, He’s riding that train back to Yesterday; When life was so full, and dreams Were only for old men He can’t believe time had caught up With him.

On a soft feather bed, He dreams and snores Spotted hands clasp together, And a smile on his face. His dog snuggles close, With dreams of his own, Young, strong legs chase the Proverbial rabbit. Both at perfect peace, God takes them both home.

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