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Eldridges mark 51st anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying all this rain we have been having. Kind of messed up some camping and picnics for folks.

My husband and I did not make it to our family reunion on Saturday. We both were sick. He has been kind of dizzy and lightheaded again. Keep him in prayer.

I hope all our family members had a very good time.

Cathy and Keith Boggs have a new grandson. Garred Jackson Cline was born July 3 at 12:01 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20 inches long. He was born to Jessie (Boggs) and Ross Cline. Congratulations to all of them.

He is a handsome little fellow, and now his cousin Peyton will have someone to play with or pick on.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Eldridge were married 51 years on July 4. Congratulations to them.

Birthdays this past week were: Gwen Jones Saylor, daughter of Morris and Della Maggard, July 6; Carla Maggard, July 6; Pastor Tony Brown, July 7. Late happy birthday wishes to all of them.

Also, late anniversary wishes to Carla and Tony Maggard on July 6. I think they were married 20 years.

Happy birthday this coming week to Juanita Fields Smith, who will be 42 on July 12, and my uncle Isom Fields in Morristown, Tenn., July 14.

Happy anniversary to Brenda and Rick Williams on July 16. They have been married one year.

My brother, Archie Fields, had surgery over a year ago on his foot. He was improving so much, then he had a stroke and it really slowed him down. Just keep praying for him that he will make a full recovery. He gets upset about not being able to get around like he used to. He would enjoy hearing from people, so if you would like to write him or send a card, his address is: 212 Astor Fields Road, Whitesburg, KY 41858. Thanks.

Dana Sturgill is still having problems with her ankle. Keep her in prayer.

Also, keep Doug Sturgill, Frank Sturgill and James Sturgill in your prayers. I haven’t heard much about them lately. Prayer doesn’t hurt and we all can use it.

Also keep Loreva Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Della and Morris Maggard, Coleman Day and all my neighbors in prayer, all my family and friends and former neighbors.

Seems like every family is going through some things and prayer is the only thing that helps, besides their faith in God. So many churches and pastors are falling from grace and they need lots of prayer.

Well folks, have a good week. Attend the church of your choice, and stay prayerful.

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