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Eldridges marking 52nd anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! What a great week. We had four nights of revival at King’s Chapel Church, and really blessed our spirits. Most messages were about bringing love and worship back into the service and letting the Holy Spirit work in our lives.

Congratulations to Lesley Terry and Matt Morton on their wedding on Saturday, June 28. Hoping they will have a blessed life together. Matt is a minister and is being used tremendously by the Lord.

Happy birthday to Amber Trent Jackson on July 4. Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Eldridge on July 4. They will be celebrating 52 years together. Congrats.

Happy birthday July 6 to Gwen Jones Saylor and Carla Maggard. Happy anniversary to Tony and Carla Maggard on July 6.

Pastor Tony Brown will be 56 on July 7. Happy birthday. Also, Ruby Lewis Partin has a birthday on July 8. Happy birthday to her.

Late happy birthday to Arie Boggs last week. She is in her 90s and is such a sweet lady.

The Lord has been working wonders in my life, and I am so glad I started serving Him again. He was there all the time. I had strayed away from Him. I am so thankful He accepted me back and everyone please pray for me that I will stay in His will.

Irene and Eugene Day are doing fair. Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Agnes Maggard, Melinda Daniel and Mike Fields are doing pretty well, and Archie, bless his heart, is dealing with depression where he stays in so much. He only gets out one or two times a month. He likes going to vendor’s mall or just out for a ride.

I took Irene up to visit him the other day, and they both enjoyed it.

Our family reunion is on Saturday at the Upper Shelter #2 up on the Little Shepherd Trail, starting at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome to come. Please bring a covered dish. Good chance to see everyone and share good memories, and see some of those who have not been here for awhile. We have lost several family members since last year. Good food and fellowship.

Still going to Hemphill Community Center on Friday nights whenever I can at 7:30. Great bluegrass and county bands, good food. Hamburgers taste like good, old-fashioned burgers we had back in the day, and are reasonably priced. Sometimes they have fried green tomatoes.

Whether you dance the two-step or flat-footing, or don’t dance, come on out and watch. You will not be disappointed. It’s only $5 at the door.

A big thanks to Gwen Johnson and Loretta and the other helpers who give up their Friday nights to be there. They are greatly appreciated. Love you guys.

People come from Pikeville and other places and have lots of fun. I always have fun, if it is just talking. Watch out ladies, this one fella from Alabama has most of the ladies dancing with him at one time. He is quick on his feet and moves all over the place.

Come on out and have some fun. If you leave disappointed, it will be your own fault.

Gwen Johnson and her grandson had been coming to the Cowan Music School all week and really enjoyed it. I am meeting more people each time I go.

Judge Sam Wright’s dad is there just about every Friday. He is 90 years old, but can still get out there and dance. He is a sweetheart.

I saw him and his friend and Sam at the Pine Mountain Grill the other day. They had been to the funeral visitation of Harold Dean Kincer. They said that he was one of the nicest men that you could meet. My sympathy goes to the family.

Thanks to Carol Ison, R.C. and Frances Day, Letha Dollarhyde, Nell Fields and some of the others. I enjoyed your storytelling about being raised on Cowan Creek.

I hear it on the radio and one of these days I will share my memories with you. I have some fond memories and I love storytelling, and when Kendall Ison tells that story about the lost hog on Cowan, and about him and the late Ed Neal Fields trying to kill it, I laugh so hard I cry. It gets funnier the more I hear it.

My dad, the late Jasper Fields, used to tell some good stories, but for the life of me, I cannot remember them. I wish I could — they were whoppers.

Keep in prayer this week Regina Sloan, Terry Honeycutt, Dee Dee Williams, and the Harold Dean Kincer family.

Well folks, I am off for now. Have a great week, be good to each other, and attend the church of your choice.

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