Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Electric bill tripled last month


I hope everyone had a good week and is keeping warm. We may not be able to keep warm much longer if the electric bill keeps on going up. I have never paid such outrageous electric bills. I have the same number of appliances, don’t cook very often, and do a little laundry and yet my bill has tripled. I know the power company got a raise, but it doesn’t take much electricity to make a peanut butter sandwich. Okay, enough said.

A big thank you to Shirley Bates for ordering nine pavers for the memorial park, where the statue for Letcher County Giant Martin Van Buren Bates will be placed. Shirley, you are the first to order! Pavers are $100 each and the name of your choice will go on the paver. I hope we can get going on this project as soon as the weather gets a bit better.

Maxine Quillen and others will be visiting the schools with a program on the ‘Giant.’ Any amount donations are appreciated. Call Maxine at 633- 1104 or me at 855-7338 for any information.

I had a very nice visit with Joan Williams by phone this week. She lives in Indiana. Her family had a flea market at Ison during the time when Ison was booming with the stock sale. She recalls meeting Dayle Hall and his parents and siblings. She also remembers when people walked most everywhere they went. She remembers seeing Emory Elkins as he walked from Deane to Neon and passed by her grandparents’ home. Joan said she had a wonderful Christmas, and her most precious gift was a new grandbaby.

We do love the grands and great-grands!

Get well prayers for Sherry Fields, Ursula Cornett, Paul Adams, Kelli Fields, John Romine, Betty Campbell, Geraldine Ison, Savanna Wells, Martha Watts, Linda Sturgill, and a very special friend who is having health issues. Also our great nephew Walker Isaacs, who has a bad finger. It hurts when the children hurt. My grandson Ethan has had the flu but is much improved as is his dad, Randy.

Brandon Jent went back to U. K. to begin a new term. His family have enjoyed his time with them. Good luck, Brandon.

Birthday wishes to Irene Seals and Jonas Caudill. We won’t tell their ages but I know they are young at heart.

Have you all seen the birdhouses in Winston Meade’s office ? If not, the next time you are in town go by and take a look and be sure and buy one. The money goes to the veterans.

Last week a computer was purchased from these sales and taken to the Veterans Home and a veteran will have use of it while he is there. Some of the veterans are lonely in their rooms and can’t go out.

Winston Meade, Derek Barto, and Eddie Meade, along with Maxine Quillen, presented this deserving veteran with a computer. Isn’t that great?

The Historical Society has postponed its December meeting three times so far because of the weather. The drawing for the $100 bill will be made whenever we can meet. So if you want in on this, let me know.

Susan Adams and I met on Thursday for lunch and discussed ways to raise money for the Memorial/Monument Park. This lady has some great ideas. She is getting together some facts and putting them on Facebook. We saw and talked to Frieda Ratliff and her husband at the Grill. You know, Frieda is such a beautiful lady and never gets any older. I am so glad we have been friends since high school. She always lifts us by her smile.

Amy said her husband David Combs had another surgery on his leg but is okay. I know she takes good care of him. Take care, David.

As Oma Hatton says, you see everyone when you go to the grocery. I did this week. My cousin Larry Baker was there and each time I see him he looks more like his dad, Ballard. Caleb Howard stopped and chatted for a few minutes. He will be leaving us shortly but has promised to come back and visit often. My great-niece Alyssa Baker was there with her mom Melanie and her great-grandmother. They live in Jenkins. Alyssa is a doll and had such a wonderful smile on her face. I love you, Alyssa.

Alyssa’s granddad is my brother Ken. He came up this week and visited with Clester and me and other family. He lives at Kodak.

Maxine Quillen and I were invited to speak at the Rotary Club about the Giant. We appreciate the work they do for the community, and they are a hardworking group. Thanks for the honor and for your kind words and encouragement. We will be visiting the schools as soon as we get a break from the winter weather.

I stopped by Harvey and Emma Jean Bentley’s for a few minutes. They are good folks and I hope they are staying warm.

I also stopped by Jack and Phyllis Wright’s, and those two never change. I enjoy my visits so look out, you may find me at your door any day. That goes for you too, Von!

Don’t forget to check on your neighbors. God bless.

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