Whitesburg KY

Eliza Combs is home from the hospital


I hope everyone had a blessed week. I can’t stay away from Lowe’s and Walmart. My kitchen is usable but not finished.

We are so glad that Eliza Combs is home from the hospital and doing so much better. Eliza’s parents were Uriah and Connie Bates.

I talked to Mary Blank this week, and she says her sister, Marvilene Webb Quillen, is slowly improving. Our wishes to her for continued healing. Mary and her husband David have been helping out with her care. David is actually cooking!

Get well wishes to June Breeding, and I hope she continues to improve. We all love you, Ms. June. Our neighbor, Gobel Hall, is very sick; our prayers are with him and Carol Sue. I talked to his sister, Violet, and her husband, Royce, this weekend.

I saw Greg and Ann Baker, and two of their grandchildren, and they are doing okay. The grandchildren have grown up since I saw them last.

I hope Hubert Hall continues to improve. I saw Joan this week and sent him a hello.

My friend Sarah Wright Webb’s husband, Glenn, died. He had been sick for awhile. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sarah and all their family. I hope to see her at the reunion.

I finally met Dr. Bill Adams, his wife Dimple, and their grandson, James, at the visitation for Ruby June. Dr. Adams and I had corresponded for a long time. He is so interested in our history and has donated so much on his family to the Historical Society. It was a great pleasure to meet them. He loves Letcher County.

I talked to Linda Jarrett and her sister, Nina Craft. Nina says she is feeling a lot better. She and Linda are special people. I also got to visit with Rose Adams and Robert for a few minutes. You know those two never get any older.

Edsel and Carol Baker visited for awhile on Friday evening. We missed Keith and Kaylee, who were out of town. Carol says every time the doorbell rings, Kaylee hollers “Auntie”. I know I love that child and would see her every day if I could.

Coolie, Janice, Jimmy and Kathy also came by for awhile. Janice and Clester’s brother called, and they had a good visit by phone. Charlie lives in West Virginia, and doesn’t get to come home very often.

I hope all were satisfied with the election results. If you don’t vote you shouldn’t complain.

Happy birthday wishes to Warren Douglas Baker, Lisa Quillen Elkins, Raymond Pettibone, Betty Quillen, Karen Hall, Joe Fitzpatrick, Anna Richardson, Kathy Collins, and our friend Kevin Day. I hope you all had a special day.

The Letcher County Historical Society is accepting orders for Volume 7 Pictorial. The pictures are really awesome. We will have five volumes, so watch for further pre-sales. Oh, the price for each volume is $25 through the end of July, but please get your order in as soon as possible. We will only have printed what we sell. Call me if you have questions at 855-7338.

Our sympathy to the family of Margie Kiser. She was a very special person and so loved.

May God bless each of you.

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