Whitesburg KY

Elizabeth Fairchild visited by son and daughter-in-law

Seems like I’m getting way behind with news and still don’t have much. I got sick with a virus and when you don’t get out much, you don’t have much news.

We have been having some nice summer weather. Several have nice gardens and have been busy taking care of them. Our garden has turned into a lawn. I appreciate our good neighbor who keeps it mowed.

So many of our relatives and friends have passed away and they are truly missed.

Bob Huttelhesur, husband of Sue Banks’s sister, Billy Flanary Huttelhesur, has died. Also, Lucy Boggs, wife of Wade Boggs, died.

Ray Raleigh died July 23 at a hospital in Danville. Ray was a Primitive Baptist minister and was a good friend of the Little Cowan Church and others in the community. His funeral was conducted at the Tri- Cities Funeral Home in Benham by Rod Raleigh and Woodrow Fields, who paid him a very moving tribute. We offer our sympathy and prayers for his wife, Alice, and the rest of his family.

Another treasured member of our community has passed on. Opal Froste died in Lexington with a heart condition. Opal was such a pleasant, positive person who always had a smile. She seemed to know only kind words, never angry or hurtful ones. Opal was married to Stuart Sigrest, who was killed in an accident, leaving her with four small children. She later married Lowell Jones, who helped rear her children. After his death she married Don Froste and had a good life with him for the last 18 years.

Opal’s first husband, Stuart, was the son of Cassell and Beulah Caudill and she remained a loved and loving member of that family through the years. She will be missed by many people, especially her children and grandchildren and her devoted husband, Don. Her funeral was at the Millstone Baptist Church. Bill Craft gave an inspiring message. Woodrow Fields, Oscar Irvin, and Bert Banks also took part. Her grandson, Patrick, gave a good testimony about the influence his grandmother had on him, and sang a beautiful song.

Our nephew, Charles Pitts in Tennessee, called recently. He and Juanita don’t come as often as they used to since his mother died and many of the others.

Mr. and Mrs. John Fairchild of Lexington, enjoyed a nice visit with his mother, Elizabeth Fairchild, this past week.

I appreciate our niece, Kathy LaMonte, for sending the Cowan news in. She is a nice person and helpful in many ways. Doris Banks and others were also helpful.

Mrs. Virginia Brown has been pretty busy taking care of her garden. Randy enjoys making it so she has a pretty busy summer.

Ethlyn Boyd Whitaker recently celebrated her birthday with her family at the home of her daughter, DeeAnna. If any of Ethlyn’s friends would like to correspond with her, her address is: Lexington Country Place, Personal Care No. 3, 700 Mason Headley Road, Lexington, KY 40504.

Sarah LaMonte celebrated her birthday with her family in Mississippi. Sarah is enjoying babysitting with her little cousin, Gracie.

Last week J.T. and Carol Caudill enjoyed a vacation at Cherokee Lake with their granddaughters, Kara and Becca. This week Carol and her sister-in-law, Marilyn Banks, had a relaxing week at their place in Somerset.

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