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Whitesburg KY

Ella Vermillion is still keeping a garden


Several attended the union meeting at the Edwin Holbrook Memorial Church on Craft’s Colly this past week. The union meeting at the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will begin on Wednesday night this week. Several visiting ministers are planning to attend. Everyone is welcome.

Our summer season is going by fast. To me, it has been a nice summer, not many bad storms and not very much work for those who have a garden. We have many things to be thankful for.

We miss those who don’t get to visit much anymore. Many of them take the Eagle that live away. Best wishes to them all and we miss their visits.

Many of our people stay pretty busy. Many are not able to get out much anymore but have been blessed in many ways over the years.

Ella Vermillion has been blessed to still have a garden every year. She and I graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1934. Only a few of us are still living. We never had a class reunion. Some have been gone for many years.

We were sorry to hear that Mr. Clifford Johnson of West Virginia, had died. We had missed his visits as he always came by for a visit when he came in for Memorial Day. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends. Our sympathy to all his family. wish we could have been with them.

My generation has seen more changes than any other. We have just about seen it all. I did a lot of walking during my life. For some reason I am still here and have been blessed in many ways.

Faye Banks’s niece, Debbie, and Charlie Halcomb, along with their grandson, Shawn, and Charlie’s sister, Joyce, all came in for the Hatton reunion at the Senior Citizens Center. Her sister, Iva, came from Tiffin, Ohio, with Emma Halcomb and Irene Bitz. They all enjoyed getting together at Parkway Motel.

I don’t have a big lot of news this week. Hope everyone is enjoying our pretty summer weather. Many of us stay in and stay cool during the hot days.

Carl Bennett and Marsha stay pretty busy. We had a nice visit together Sunday.

Hope everyone has a nice week. Love and best wishes to all.

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