Whitesburg KY

Ellie Mullins to mark birthday with pool party

Hello everyone. I hope everything is going well for all of you. I’ve had a good week and kept busy.

I can’t believe it’s time for our visit again. Time goes so fast. I usually start my news on Fridays, and I forgot. Today is Sunday. My handwriting gets so bad I can hardly read it so I’ve been writing a little at a time!

My sister, Louise Shepherd, and I had a nice little visit with our sister, Betty Tyree, and Burtis and their daughter, Robin. She has a problem with her legs and needs prayer. When you pray, call her name.

I visited Letcher Manor Nursing Home. I visited with Earl Profitt, Lucinda Roberts, Blanch Hatton, and also Mandy King. They all need everyone’s prayers.

My little great-granddaughter Ellie Mullins will be having a birthday party July 17 at the playground beside the swimming pool. That’s always fun, even for us big girls!

I’m excited about our homecoming at Whitco Pentecostal Faith Church. It began Sunday with Br. Wendell Pittman from Missouri. He’s been coming for many years, and we always have lots of people coming to hear him. Bro. John Conn and his whole congregation invite you to come be with us.

I got a call the other day from Floyd Meade in Texas. He reads The Eagle
and read where I told of Brack Meade dying, and he wondered if he was a relative of his. He grew up in the Seco and Millstone area. He was last here in 1984. He called a lot of Meade names, but I didn’t recognize any of them. If anyone remembers him, I have his telephone number if you would like to get in touch with him.

I’ve been enjoying the Government Channel 98 on TV. I enjoy seeing what’s going on in Letcher County. I saw my brother Charles Howard and his furniture store, and I’ve seen a lot of the candidates. It’s good to know what they are doing. I’m happy to see my brother Bobby Ray Howard and his heating and cooling business on there sometimes.

I’m glad to see the cooler weather the last few days. We got a little rain, too. I hope it helped everyone’s gardens. They tell me all their gardens are doing well.

Emma Lou Engle, I love reading about your garden and how well it is doing. Just remember me when you talk about all of your mustard greens. I can almost taste them. I hope that you and your husband are doing well.

Shirley Wells, I was disappointed that you didn’t get to Whitesburg. I was looking forward to seeing you. Be sure you let me know if you do come. We will get together.

I called Sara Ison the other day and she and Clarence are doing very well.

I haven’t heard from my friend Anna Watkins in awhile. I hope you and all your family are doing well.

My brother, Hillard Howard, and his family are living in Florida also. I don’t know how far from you they are.

Ada Miller King, I hope you and your family are doing well, and that your back is doing better.

I’m glad that I didn’t have any funerals to write about this time.

I think all four of my sons are planning on going to the Bristol races. They are looking forward to it. It has been awhile since they all went. They used to do it every year. I’m glad all my boys have a good relationship with each other. They are all super sons!

I did get back to Ermine Center a few days ago. It was good seeing everyone. I have some good friends up there, and there is always some good food.

I haven’t done much this week. It has been so hot. I did wash my car, pulled some weeds out of my flowers, trimmed some bushes, and of course, fed all my critters.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week if you are able, and do a good deed for someone.

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