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Ellis Adams celebrates birthday with ice cream and cake at his church


I just have a few items this week, go I’ll get myself to writing.

This past weekend was church time at Blair Branch, and after Saturday’s business meeting and service cake and ice cream were served for Ellis Adams, who had an upcoming birthday.

Ellis hasn’t been feeling well lately and is now a patient at the Pikeville Hospital, and had to have three units of blood and tests to see where he is losing it. He should be home by the time this comes out, and hopefully they have found his problem.

He and Ila are loved throughout the surrounding communities and we’re all concerned when they’re not feeling well.

Tammy Slone of Doth Creek is back home, recuperating from her broken foot. She had surgery at Hazard Hospital with plates and pins being put in to help it heal right. We hope she is doing okay.

Lance Breeding had carpal tunnel surgery on his hand recently and still has it all wrapped up. We hope this helps his problem.

Vince and Juanita Mc- Crarey are in visiting at Jeremiah for a week or so. Their granddaughter, Shelia, drove them up from Somerset, and they were visiting with Ivan and Freda Adams last Monday.

Luther Adams of Morehead and Doug Raglin of Michigan, have been here putting up flags and flagpoles at the graves of Don ‘Rags’ Raglin on Burton Hill and Elihu Blair on Hale’s Branch in Knott County. Elihu was killed in action in World War II, and was a cousin to Luther.

They stayed with Johnny Combs while here, and visited with Hazel Adams at the nursing home, and also did a lot of work at the Banks’s family cemetery on top of Bee Tree ‘Holler.’

Misha Hall, a daughter of Larry and Sandy, has been on vacation with her friend. They went to Florida for awhile.

Our sympathy to the family of Dallas Adams, who died last week. His daughter, Rita, is married to Bruce Gilley and he has a son, Bennett, who used to be the Hospice nurse when Aunt Margaret Caudill was sick.

I don’t know the rest of the family, but our condolences to them all.

I stopped in to check on Wanda Caudill when we were at the Pikeville Hospital visiting with Ellis Adams. She was getting released that day, and her son Jeffrey was there with her. She looked well, and I hope her hip continues to improve. It was nice seeing them both.

Stella Elam is home from Letcher Manor Nursing Home after having a few weeks of physical therapy.

The schedule for the American Legion shooting over the graves will be: 11:05 at the Fred Adams Cemetery; 11:20 at I.D. Adams Cemetery on Blair Branch; 11:30 at Horse Mill Point ; 12:30 at Whitaker Cemetery at Letcher; and 12:45 at Burton Hill Cemetery. We appreciate the volunteers who spend their day in remembrance of our American soldiers. Try to go if you can, and support their efforts.

The cemeteries above Dixon Memorial Church will have their memorial service this Sunday morning, beginning at, I think, 9 a.m. These cemeteries also need donations from families whose loved ones are resting there, for the upkeep. Please send them to: Homer Smith, Sycamore Loop, Jeremiah, KY 41826.

It is also Dixon memorial’s meeting time this Sunday.

The Dee and Ethel Smith family reunion is on Saturday evening at Stuart Robinson Dining Hall, and Friday evening is the soup bean dinner at Tommy Harris Smith’s cabin at the head of Drew Branch (Dee Smith ‘Holler’).

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