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Elsie Banks marks 98th birthday


Elsie Banks celebrated her 98th birthday March 28 with a dinner with family and friends at Pine Mountain Grill.

Elsie Banks celebrated her 98th birthday March 28 with a dinner with family and friends at Pine Mountain Grill.

March 28, Elsie Banks celebrated her 98th birthday at the Pine Mountain Grill. Elsie is still celebrating life. She says she is blessed; she eats well, sleeps well, has no pain and takes no medicine. She has a good place to stay and gets good care.

She really enjoyed her dinner with family, several nieces and friends, and opening her presents.

Virginia Brown’s granddaughter, Jenny Lou, her daughter Crystal and son Jon, all came for a visit. All Crystal wanted for her 19th birthday was to visit her granny.

Virginia had some old home moves on reels. Handyman Jon figured out how to run the projector, and we had a great time viewing people, occasions and scenes of the past.

We were glad to get to see Janice and Ron Wolod of Maryland; Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg; Susan Stamper of Lexington; and Martha Wenning of Ohio.

Randy and Eula Brown had all their family in for Easter, Kevin and Kin Garrett; Cody, Corey and Cameron Garrett; and Jason, Amanda and Eli Brown. The men and boys hiked to Bad Branch Falls on Saturday. Some of the grandsons and a friend stayed on for the week.

We had a good attendance at church for Easter Sunday. We were happy that Earl Profitt and Violet Day were both able to be back, and we had a number of visitors with so many beautiful children. Faye Banks’s granddaughter, Sameerah Frazier, sang a beautiful song.

Robert Brown, Bradley and Joseph came for church, and they and Carol Caudill had dinner with Virginia Brown.

Rusty and Tori Akers and daughters Callie and Ella visited with John and Barbara Banks on Easter weekend. Tori and the girls spent the week before Easter on Cowan while on their spring break.

Callie Akers had an accident on the playground at school and broker her arm. Callie, get well soon!

We had such an nice experience Saturday. We were not sitting on a porch nor around a fireplace, but it sure felt as if we were as we shared experiences and stories of our past. Our thanks to Angie DeBord for guiding us, to Carol and Kendall Ison of the community center, Nell Frazier, and all who participated. We are looking forward to more of the same next Saturday.

Happy birthday to Dana Ison Walker, Linda Combs and Robbie Crawford. Also to Louise Hall on April 1, and Jenna Crawford on April 24. She is Dustin’s wife, and lives in Indianapolis.

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