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Elsie Banks marks her 100th birthday

Hope former correspondent Elsie Banks had a very happy 100th birthday and enjoyed the celebration last Saturday at the Mountain Shrine Club. She has touched so many lives in her 100 years, and is well known and loved by many.


We were sad to learn that our friend, Mabel Cornett, had recently died. Bob and I got to know Earlis and Mabel when we would see them at the Tolson Creek Church. She always brought our children packs of chewing gum or candy every Sunday. That was back in the 1980s and Kenny and Jessie were just small, but I never forgot how sweet Mable was to them.

After Earlis died, she moved to the Housing Authority and we didn’t see her as often, but still loved her and thought of her. Our sympathy to her girls and their families, and her sister, Georgia Nichols Adams.

Bob, Kenny Joe, Don and Coreen Pridemore and I all spent a few days at Pennyrile State Park. We caught lots of fish, and most of them we cleaned and brought home. We had beautiful weather and enjoyed our time together.

The annual Doty Days School reunion was reported to have been a big success. Lots of former students and friends got together to enjoy the day.

We attended the memorial for deceased members of the Old Doty Church. It was good to see those in attendance to not only remember God, but also their loved ones who were members there.

We missed longtime member Jessie Hampton, who was always there and had died away since last year .

Mertie Caudill and her daughter Lisa attended and many had them in their prayers since they just lost Sterlin a couple of weeks ago.

Sympathy to the family of Verlon Breeding, who died since I wrote last. He became sick a few weeks ago, and his funeral was held this past week. He was a friend to many and well loved throughout the area. Denise, Verlene, Tim and Tammy and their family will be so lonely without him.

The Letcher Area Homemakers had a yard sale and bake sale fundraiser last week, and were pleased to make so much money for our club. We donate to many community projects, and our treasury had gotten low

A group of ours also went to Liberty last Thursday for some shopping, and had lunch at the Bread of Life restaurant while there. We stopped at greenhouses, the Amish Bulk Food Store and various other shops.

Russell and Connie Blair took their RV, I rode with Libby Smith, and the rest of the group rode with Ann Bradley on the Extension Office van.

Of course, Libby and I brought home a little load of ‘stuff ’ for our stores that we purchased at yard sales and consignment shops.

On Friday, Mom (Coreen Pridemore), Tommy Harris Smith, Mary Jo and Anna Lou Blair, David Smith and I all met on top the hill on Drew Branch at Dee Smith Hollow to clean the picnic shed tables and chairs to get them ready for the annual Smith reunion. The reunion soup bean dinner will be held up there this Friday evening, and the reunion will be held Saturday at the Stuart Robinson Dining Hall.

It seems like May flew by, and it couldn’t possibly be Memorial Day just around the corner.

The memorial meeting for the cemeteries above the Dixon Memorial Church will begin at 9 a.m., Sunday morning. A memorial meeting is also held at the William Adams cemetery on Blair Branch at 6 p.m., Sunday evening.

A few of our neighbors and friends who have been having health problems are: Randall Caudill, Bill Adams, Hoot Campbell and Burnett Caudill.

Burnett felt well enough to attend church on Sunday. He has an appointment in Lexington this week, and hopefully can get some good news from the doctors there.

Former Doty Creek resident Sally Jane Caudill died last weekend and her funeral was held Tuesday at Mount Olivet Church. Prayers for her son, Allen, and his family, and others who knew and loved her.

Don’t forget about the veterans shooting over the local graves this weekend, but it’s usually in The Eagle so look for the times. It’s usually about 11:30 to11:45 a.m. at the Horse Mill Point Cemetery.

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