Whitesburg KY

Elswicks celebrate wedding anniversary


Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the pretty weather.

I have been so worried about my friend Anna Watkins in Florida. She has been so sick, I was surprised and very pleased to get a call from her the other day. She is still in the hospital and has a long way to go. You are in our prayers, Anna.

Earl Profitt is discharged from Letcher Manor Nursing Home and glad to be home. He still needs a lot of care. Home Health is helping him and Juanita really appreciates that. She has had a hard time and she can rest better at home. I hope he does well.

Metry Kuracka, I sure appreciated the mustard greens. They were so good. I had been wanting some. That was so nice of you. Thanks again.

Late happy anniversary to Pricy and Bluford Elswick, two special friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Zella Stallard of Craft’s Colly. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

I ran into Steve Adams, ‘the quiet man’, the other day. He was one of our Marlowe boys, went to grade school there. If you know him, you don’t know why I would call him the quiet man. He loves to talk. They say he is a big help to the Blackey Senior Citizens.

All the Howards are getting ready for our reunion on Saturday. I hope everyone can make it. My brother Hillard Howard, who lives in Florida, is trying to get a flight. I hope the weather will be good. I’ll write about it in next week’s news.

I enjoyed going to the Ermine Center last Tuesday. You have to go early to get a seat. I wish I could go every day, but something always comes up. I thought these were retirement years, then how come I have less spare time than I ever did and don’t get anything done?

My sister Joann Brown of Indianapolis, Ind., called on Friday. She’s coming in next weekend. They will be living in my trailer next door. I’ll love that. I wish they could stay, little things like jobs get in the way. But we are thankful for jobs.

Cram Creek Church will be having its homecoming on Oct. 17. Bro. Caleb Howard and Glen Wilson will be preaching and they are both great preachers. Bro. Earnest Brock and his congregation invite everyone.

I sure enjoyed Sunday school on Sunday and the great lunch afterward with some good friends.

I’ve run out of news, so may God bless all of you with good health and happiness. Try to go to church somewhere this week. Seems like the churches are being neglected.

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