Whitesburg KY

Elswicks have a Father’s Day campout

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. It has been so hot I haven’t been out and about except church and the grocery store.

Speaking of our church, Whitco Pentecostal Faith Tabernacle, we have had our seats all padded and they are beautiful. Our whole church is beautiful and we are proud of it. Come out and see it.

My son Rob in Owensboro was a happy camper last weekend. He had his daughter Rocki and Matt Hill and daughter Elise and this week he will have his son Dr. Kevin and wife Adrienne and sons Will and Loren. He is always so happy to have them. I wish they lived closer.

We have had more funerals, Brack Meade and Stella Dixon and Louise Dixon, both of Blackey. Stella was a sister of my uncle, the late John Howard’s, wife Thelma Howard. I didn’t know Louise Dixon, but I heard they were sisters-in-law.

Ollie James Back, also of Blackey, died. I remember he was a good friend of my uncle John Howard. They went to school together. I was a small girl then and all I can remember about him is his name.

I heard that a very dear friend of our family, Earl Profitt of Cowan, had a bad accident. I can’t find out how bad it was. He and his wife Juanita always came to our Howard reunion when they were able. If anyone knows how he is, would you call me at 633-7120 and let me know.

I had a nice call from my friend Pricey Elswick the other day. Her whole family had a Father’s Day campout. Thirty-seven were present. Her grandson caught a 17- inch catfish. It sounded like they had a great time. They had all gone to Pigeon Forge in April. I think they do that yearly and they really enjoyed it.

Donna Holbrook, I’m sorry your picture of Minnie Fields didn’t get in The Eagle
last week. It may have been overlooked. I got the picture back and I’ll try again. She was a very sweet lady. I didn’t get all the information back that you sent me.

Sandra and Billy Hatton have gone to their lake house this weekend. I think all the rest of the family will be going down to visit through the week.

I called my friend Ada (Miller) King the other day. She was doing OK, but her daughter Anita was having some health problems. They live in Miamisburg, Ohio.

Bobbie and Kenny Bowman were on the way to Somerset to set a camper on some property they bought there and on the way there they had a wreck and totaled the truck and camper. Kenny had to be flown to a Lexington hospital. He was pretty badly hurt. Bobbie wasn’t seriously hurt and we hope they will be all right. They are good friends of ours. Bobbie is also a cousin of mine.

I heard Sunday that Billie Lois Baker had died. Our sympathy to her husband, former Whitesburg Mayor Nathan Baker, and to all her family. She will surely be missed by all the workers at MCHC. She did well with it and made jobs for a lot of people.

I found out I’m off jury duty. They have a new jury and we don’t have to go back. It’s good to be free again. I did enjoy meeting the other jurors for our breaks.

My brother Jack Howard and wife Donna and their family are on vacation at Myrtle Beach. Lots of folks like to vacation there. I try to stay out of the sun. Give me shady places to keep cool. Hot weather bothers me more than it used to.

I got a call from Christine Fields of Cowan. She was on the jury with me. It was good talking to her.

This week has not been good news. I hope next week is better.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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