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Elswicks hold reunion in Tennessee

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. It looks like another month has come and gone.

I got a call from Anita, the daughter of Ada Miller King in Miamisburg, Oh. She said Ada had heart surgery but was doing better. I hope she is all better by now.

Bluford and Pricy Elswick had their annual family reunion April 15 at Pigeon Forge, Tenn. They have been having it for 16 years, and they always go to the car show. They spent a week, and all the family were there. They stayed at Lazy Bear Inn and had a great time, and are already looking forward to next year. Whitesburg

I went to the funeral of Hazel Frazier. Our sympathy goes out to her husband Randy Frazier and all the family. There was a large crowd there, and lots of beautiful flowers. I could tell they were well loved.

I visited Shirley Niece in the hospital last week. I hope she gets out soon. I enjoyed talking to her and her husband Carfa Niece. They have been friends for a long time.

Aggie Hatton is still in the hospital in ICU. She hopes to get out in a room soon. She is feeling better.

Louise Shepherd had her daughters out for breakfast last Saturday (her birthday). She had Carol Day, Shannon Banks and Pam Gardner of Norton, and also her big baby (Sadie). She is a beautiful dog and spoiled rotten. She thinks she’s human, and Pam agrees with her. Oh, I went out for breakfast with them too.

Pam Gardner had a birthday May 1. I forgot to find out how old she is, but happy birthday anyway.

We had a good service at our church last Sunday, and a baptism for 10 people. We were sure pleased with that. Our church is really growing and we are sure glad to be getting a lot of young folks. The church always needs young people as well as the old ones.

We are glad that Shirley Niece is out of the hospital, and we hope Aggie Hatton gets out real soon.

We are so proud our grandson Dr. Jonathan Hatton is graduating from medical school in Pikeville on May 21. Our grandchildren have made us proud. I say that they take after me, but no one believes it — not even me. They just work hard at what they want to do.

We had an anniversary party for our pastor and his wife Alicia Sunday evening. We had a lot of visitors and friends there, and we all enjoyed ourselves and all the good food. We sure appreciate Bro. John Conn and his wife. He is a great pastor and his wife is a good pastor’s wife. We are blessed to have them.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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