Whitesburg KY

Elves came by to trim Engles’ Christmas tree

Northeast Ohio

Hello, everyone. Hope your day is better’n we are having here. It’s a mixture of rain, sleet, and cain’t ferget the cold. No wind for which we are very thankful.

I can hardly believe I’m almost ready for the holidays. Our tree is up and decorated. Our elves came by Saturday and did all the tree trimming except for the angel, which Red put up. I must say they did a first-rate job. Gifts are wrapped and under the tree, except for a few last minute items. Cards are all mailed and now I can concentrate on just what I will serve on Sunday, Dec. 23, when the family and friends will be stopping by. Just hope the weather won’t be too bad.

This is the time of year when my thoughts go back in time to Christmas times of long ago. ‘Twas a magical time for us Sergent kids. We certainly didn’t have a lot of material things, but there was plenty of love, laughter, and of course, food.

Dad didn’t have to work, there was no school, and Mom always cooked a big dinner. There was chicken and dumplings, sweet potatoes, shucky beans, other vegetables, and usually some fresh pork (maybe cured). Seems Dad always killed a hog when the weather got cold enough. Mom always baked a stack cake, gingerbread, and usually a yellow cake made from scratch, and she made her own frosting (mmmm). I’m a gittin hongry fer sum mountain food.

We cut our own tree and decorated it with whatever we could find that was shiny and colorful and we would string popcorn colored with food coloring. We never got a lot of toys, but we were really happy with the ones we did get. We also got apples, oranges, nuts, and candy, and maybe mittens, socks, or any article of clothing which we might need at the time.

We spent the day playing with our toys, eating, and just being together. Sometimes we would read, take a nap, or if weather permitted, played in the snow if there was enough on the ground. I sometimes wish for one more simple Christmas without all the hype and commercialism. Seems the true meaning of Christmas has fallen by the wayside for so many. Let’s bring back Christmas for what it really stands for.

I have received so many beautiful Christmas cards and send my heartfelt thanks to each and every one.

Deepest sympathy to the family of Cecil Martin of Indian Creed. Jean, I am so sorry.

Red just talked to his brother, Charles. Their sister, Jean Hunsucker, is in the rehab center at Letcher Manor. Love and prayers, Jean. Do what the doctors prescribe and do behave yourself. Don’t want that you’ve been bad (no way). We love you and hope you will be able to go home soon.

It’s evening time now and the weather hasn’t gotten any better. Bill and Redia came by and had lunch with us. Fed them roast beef, mashed ‘taters, gravy, green beans, corn, biscuits, and lemon cup cakes. All had coffee to drink.

Our mail just came; we get it anytime from three to five and sometimes later. I was hoping to get The Mountain Eagle, but no. I did get nine beautiful cards. Thank you, everyone.

As far as I know, my family is well. I have only talked to Richard and Chester, who live here. Richard and Georgia came by with the twins, Brandon and Bailee. We always enjoy their visits. I had baked a two-crust peach pie and made a cream cheese cherry pie.

I want to send holiday greetings to my nieces and nephews who are scattered here and there, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, California, Tennessee, Arizona, Illinois, and some I’m not sure where they live. A very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Love you all.

Time to sign off for now, but will be a talkin’ at y’all same time and place next week. So be good to yourself, to each other, and remember the true meaning of Christmas. May it be a peaceful one for all.

Emma Engle, 4891 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233- 7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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