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Elwood Cornett celebrating birthday

Big Cowan

Hello! Hope everyone had a great week. Everything has been good around here.

Late happy birthday wishes to Tracy Wilson Miles and Enos Sturgill. I hope you each enjoyed your special day.

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Taylor Jr., Sept. 1. They will be married 12 years. Whoot, whoot!

Brother Elwood Cornett has a birthday Sept. 2. A very happy birthday to him. He is still one of my favorite Old Regular Baptist preachers. May God bless you and your family.

My mother, the late Mary Fields, died 18 years ago Sept. 3. She is missed every day. Such a precious lady and loved God and her family and everyone she met. Hope I have as many people who love me like they loved her. Rest in peace, Mom, Love you.

I can never remember Charles Ray Sturgill’s baby’s name, but she will be one year old on Sept. 1. Happy birthday to her.

Mike Fields enjoyed his 41st birthday. He had dinner from Joe’s and Linda and Brack Sexton took him to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast.

Archie Fields is doing much better, still having to go to Pikeville for checkups and skin grafting. Glad he is doing better.

Keep everyone you know in prayer this week.

Carla (Tony) Maggard got another spider bite on her toe. Looks awful. Spiders have been very bad this year. Several people have gotten bitten. I hate those little critters. They are on my hate list right now along with snakes, rats, mice, roaches and mosquitoes. I am like Jerry Clower: someone else can have mine.

Chris Turner has to have surgery on his arm. Keep him in prayer.

Tammy Turner has been in Texas. She took granddaughters home and spent some time with her daughter Melissa. She is home now and Wayne is happy! Love you guys.

A few words for thought: Be kind and good to one another while people are still alive. Don’t wait until they die and then pretend that you cared for them. Life is too short to hold resentment and grudges. Even if that person does not live up to your expectations, they are still human and need love and support now, not after they are dead and gone.

One day it could be you, and how do you want to be treated? Do you want people to say good things about you or wait until you are dead and then show how much you care?

Family is family, and always will be, but some do not want to have anything to do with them because of the choices they make in life, but once they are gone they say, “Oh, I loved that person so much.” Hypocritical. Just saying I have seen a few like this, and then greed takes over.

So enough on that soapbox moment.

Keep James, Frank, Doug and Dana Sturgill all in prayer. James just had surgery and the others are recuperating.

Well folks, time to go. I’ll take with you next week. Smile — it makes people wonder what you are up to.

God bless.

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