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Emily Baker wins essay contest

Emily Baker, a fifth-grade student at West Whitesburg Elementary School, was the first place winner of the Mountain Heritage Festival essay contest.

Here is her winning essay:

“I can picture one day moving away from here and I can’t imagine what it may be like. I guess a fast pace city life. What I do know is what I would look forward coming back home to.

“I would really look forward to all the good food that meets my taste buds. Especially things like soup beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, chicken and dumplings and good old fried apple pies. I would especially look forward to waking up on Sunday morning to my grandmother’s old time country breakfast. Yum yum!

“Another thing that I will really enjoy coming home to is seeing family and friends; they all treat me so well. Fellowshipping at my church with good friends will always be good to come home to. It will also be great to sit on Grandma’s front porch in rocking chair telling stories and playing music.

“I hope I never do move away from Whitesburg, Ky.; the place I call home. But if I do, it will be nice to know I can always come back home where everyone will still know my name.”

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